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bridge – When does/do a champion/s ‘defend’ vs begin from scratch? Difference between ‘champion’ and ‘(recurring) match winner’?


  1. I’m gonna phrase my query when it comes to particular person sports activities/video games (eg chess / 9LX, tennis, professional wrestling, poker, boxing, chessboxing, pool/billiards, and so on) after which

  2. hope it may be principally generalised to group sports activities/video games (eg basketball, soccer/soccer, rugby/soccer, bridge, csgo, valorant, and so on).

  3. I’ll simply ‘sport/sport’ to simply ‘sport’.


‘Champions’ in sports activities range rather a lot when it comes to championship privileges. Let’s say Alice wins the inaugural Annual August [Sport] Championship(/Tournament) of 2021, aka 2021 AASC. What might occur in August of subsequent 12 months when Alice ‘defends’ (assuming Alice does not drop out or something) the championship is:

  1. Complete privilege of defending towards just one opponent: A bunch of gamers will compete to see who will face Alice 1v1 for the championship.

  2. No privilege of ranging from scratch: The AASC Federation utterly ignores Alice because the 2021 champion.

  3. Partial privilege: Alice is certainly within the title image however has to defend towards a number of opponents. So as an instance Alice, the runner-up final 12 months after which 2 extra folks will play for the 2022 AASC. (Or one thing else like Alice in will get within the semi-finals as a substitute of finals or one thing.)

    • 3.1 – Some sports activities will be both 1v1 solely (eg chess / 9LX, tennis, and so on) or help each 1v1 and multi-way (eg poker and pro-wrestling). In the 1v1 solely form of sports activities, you simply do a number of 1v1s like spherical robins or no matter.

    • 3.2 – The drawback right here is that Alice can lose the title with out being instantly crushed. Eg in pro-wrestling: Alice needn’t be pinned (or submitted) in a 4-way. Eg in chess / 9LX: Suppose we’ve got a spherical robin. Alice might draw with every of the three different gamers Bob, Cindy and David. Then Bob might draw with every of Cindy and David. But then Cindy might beat David. So Cindy turns into the brand new champion with out beating Alice.

Some examples: I discover that even in the identical sport they will even do all or any of the above. I’m gonna give examples from chess / 9LX after which from pro-wrestling. I’m not asking about chess / 9LX or pro-wrestling particularly. I’m asking about circumstances which I imagine might switch to different (particular person after which perhaps group) sports activities generally. So even when for instance chess / 9LX is just not on-topic for this stackexchange website, simply faux I’m asking about any sport/s that’s/are on-topic for this website.

Chess / 9LX for instance:

  1. For the final 4 world chess championships (2014, 2016, 2018, 2021), Magnus Carlsen has had full privilege in dealing with the distinctive winner of the ‘candidates match‘.

  2. There are many ‘tournaments’ which might be actually not ‘championships’ eg Sinquefield Cup, FIDE Grand Prix, and so on. These haven’t any privilege. The match winners should not known as champions. However, the world speedy, world blitz and nationwide ‘championships’ usually haven’t any privilege.

  3. What’s taking place within the upcoming (finals of the) 2022 World Chess960 (Fischer Random Chess) Championship of FIDE is that Wesley So who received the inaugural world chess960 championship in 2019 is getting solely a partial privilege (Wesley and Magnus compete with 6 others gamers in some spherical robin adopted by a knockout or one thing), whereas Magnus as I mentioned above actually bought 4 full privileges in a row.

Pro-wrestling, say WWE, for instance:

  1. Champions usually face a singular ‘#1 contender’ 1v1.

  2. King of the Ring: Afaik, there isn’t any privilege right here. It’s only a recurring match.

  3. Champions usually face a number of #1 contenders in multi-way matches as a substitute of simply 1v1. Smaller privilege for the champion. Sometimes it is due to a heel basic supervisor, and typically it is justified. 1 case the place perhaps it was justified is in 2018Feb the place Kurt Angle and Alexa Bliss speak about why Alexa Bliss, Raw girls’s champion, has to defend 6-way whereas Brock Lesnar, Raw champion, does not. Kurt says it is partly as a result of Alexa hasn’t defended shortly. (Of course there is a distinction between three 1v1’s and a single 4-way, however eh advantageous.)

Question 1: How does, say in Alice’s case, the AASC Federation resolve which stage of championship privilege Alice ought to have? And particularly, what would make the AASC Federation resolve to deal with Alice, who’s the AASC (open to all) champion, in another way from its different champions eg AASC girls’s solely, AASC Americans solely, AASC underneath 16 solely, and so on?

  • Guess 1.1: Ok so 1 doable reply I might consider is that if a champion hasn’t defended shortly, then they may not get full privilege even when they, their predecessors or their analogues could have gotten full privilege. (Eg Wesley So hasn’t been in a position to defend due to covid, so Wesley would possibly kinda be in the identical state of affairs as Alexa Bliss.) In pro-wrestling, it is fictional so yeah there are one million explanation why it could range.’

  • Guess 1.2: I assume for ‘underneath 16’ you may’t precisely have a defending champion vs a candidates or #1 contender. Maybe you may name them champions as a substitute of simply match winners for the Hell of it.

  • Guess 1.3: But okay now in championships for adults and stuff the place issues like age do not matter, I can not consider any motive by any means to name somebody a ‘champion’ just for them to not have a privilege for the following championship. I’d suppose Alice ought to get a minimum of partial privilege. This brings me to…

Question 2: Whenever there is a state of affairs that Alice would not get any championship privilege, when is Alice mentioned to be a ‘champion’ as a substitute merely a ‘match winner’, i.e. when is a ‘match’ a ‘championship’ ? I imply, why do not we simply make ‘match’ equal to ‘championship with out privilege’? Or we might go the opposite approach: why do not we scrap the phrase ‘match’ and simply say ‘champion’ ?

  • Guess 2.1: Something I discover is perhaps the champion of final time is predicted to play once more whereas I assume match winners of final time should not essentially. So folks mentioned in 2021 that Wesley So was the defending US champion (Wesley received the US championship in 2020), however folks did not say in 2022 that Wesley So was the defending ‘Grand Chess Tournament Winner’ (Wesley received the Grand Chess Tournament in 2021).

Finally, for generalising questions 1 and a couple of from particular person to group sports activities:

My sibling, a basketball, csgo and valorant participant, tells me that in group sports activities (or a minimum of for the three sports activities that my sibling performs), ‘championships’ usually begin from scratch partly as a result of the group members won’t be the identical as from final time. Is that all the time the case in basketball, csgo and valorant? What about group sports activities generally? Eg groups of two eg tennis doubles or bridge vs groups of 5 eg csgo or valorant vs groups the place some gamers are on the ‘bench’ eg basketball.



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