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Bullet Runner – Open Beta

Bullet Runner – Open Beta


Bullet Runner is a carnage-filled top-down twin-stick shooter the place you utilize massive weapons to blast your approach by way of hordes of highly effective enemies.

In Bullet Runner you step into the sneakers of a wise-cracking hero who finds himself locked up in a cell within the depths of a facility belonging to a nefarious group. You now must blast your approach out (utilizing weapons that some idiot has conveniently overlooked within the open) and present them who’s boss.

The present Bullet Runner Prologue Beta construct options an enormous 4 hours of gameplay and delivers plenty of quick paced top-down run ‘n gun action. There are lots of beefy guns to use, as well (as environmental objects like explosive barrels) and you can also use melee weapons and execute finishers to earn extra ammo. All the while your gun-toting hero lets loose with lots of entertaining Duke Nukem-esque quips.

It’s maybe not the deepest of video games however it’s a variety of enjoyable. The open Beta is reside now so soar in now for some top-wen run ‘n gun carnage.

Sign Up For The Bullet Runner Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)



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