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c++ – I’m on the lookout for studying assets on implementing motion tech and participant management

I’ve a robust technical background (masters engineering scholar who can program in c++ and who works on bodily simulations/numerical strategies.)

I additionally perceive on a primary stage work with Unreal Engine 5 (I watched this hyperlink and did all workout routines within the video: However, it is not fully essential that the fabric apply solely to Unreal. I’m very happy studying extra generalized or summary materials, as long as it carries over between engines and languages.

It is secure to say that I need the participant view to be first individual.

A significant space of focus that I wish to work on is participant motion tech. To give a concrete thought of what I wish to do, my first studying aim can be to implement strafejumping/bunnyhopping and giving the participant momentum/friction. My second studying aim can be implementing a crouch/slide mechanic, maybe one thing much like the slide from Ultrakill (

I’m absolutely able to any of the pure arithmetic concerned (numerous vectors and linear algebra, I’d guess), and might competently work with both the blueprint system or c++. Since I finally wish to transfer into programming extra subtle participant motion choices, I would not thoughts materials that’s extra programming oriented than utilizing blueprints, however I’m very happy to make use of both instrument.

I have not completed any recreation growth earlier than exterior of constructing Doom WADs as a young person. This is my first publish on this board. I’m on the lookout for good studying assets on obtain these studying targets. I’m fascinated about heavier, extra technical materials that typically teaches an understanding of the basics of program and management participant motion. I’m much less fascinated about superfluous directions that will merely contain me copying somebody’s instructions. I wish to perceive the “below the hood” work. To wit, the extra the educational content material emulates a school course or textbook, the happier I’d be.



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