Home Gaming Can We Predict The Other Two Stories In Pokémon Scarlet & Violet?

Can We Predict The Other Two Stories In Pokémon Scarlet & Violet?

Can We Predict The Other Two Stories In Pokémon Scarlet & Violet?


Three Stories

One of the small print revealed within the newest Pokémon Scarlet & Violet trailer was that the sport would have three primary tales, which may very well be performed in any order. We have been informed about one of many three: The story of battling by all of the gyms to get to no matter this sport’s equal of the Pokémon League is.

But what concerning the different two tales? The trailer implied that they might be of a roughly related size or measurement, though we may simply be studying an excessive amount of into it. So what may they be? Let’s speculate!

Treasure Hunt

Pokemon Treasure Hunt

Well, we do not know what this is, however the trailer promised us a treasure hunt of some sort, proposed by the academy’s principal.

Our ideas went instantly to the Underground from Diamond and Pearl, however it’s virtually positively not that — our cash is on an actual treasure hunt, framed by Pokémon ScaVi’s past-vs-future theming, which has us discovering historic artefacts. It would not be the primary time that Pokémon has tangled with ruined civilisations, both: Pokémon Gold and Silver had the Ruins of Alph, which have been crammed with Unown; Ruby and Sapphire had the Regis — golem Pokémon present in unusual ruins within the desert.

But what would the treasure hunt be for? What does it need to do with Pokémon? And how would it not final for so long as the conventional Pokémon League story? We can solely guess. Perhaps the treasure is long-lost Pokémon, or fossils. Perhaps the treasure is precise shiny gold. Perhaps the treasure… is the chums we made alongside the best way.

Time Travel

Pokemon Bikes

We know that Scarlet and Violet have a variety of previous/future theming, however what we do not know is what that means. Will we be travelling between the 2, like in Pokémon Legends: Arceus? What if one of many tales issues linking the 2 in a roundabout way? We do not actually suppose that point journey might be part of the sport, as a result of it largely appears to be concerning the “you are in school” angle, however it might be attention-grabbing to seek out out why the sport is so involved with the previous and future.

Pokémon Research


This is a simple guess. The Pokémon video games at all times have a component of Pokémon analysis, whether or not it is only a case of “fill within the Pokédex”, or a extra in-depth function as one of many Poké professors’ researchers.

We’d put cash on a minimum of one of many sport’s tales being about discovering out concerning the Pokémon within the Paldea area, probably with a give attention to evolution, because the previous/future theming may play into analysis in some attention-grabbing methods. Imagine having to do archaeological digs to learn how Koraidon advanced into Miraidon, or why Poison Wooper diverged from the conventional Wooper — or, on the opposite aspect, speculating how different Pokémon may evolve in future. How cool would that be? Biology!!



This is the primary Pokémon sport that has truly given the child-aged protagonists a faculty to attend. Usually these ten-year-olds are left to run across the nation unsupervised, and the duty of preventing off villains who wish to, , kidnap and pillage and actually finish the world is left as much as youngsters that do not even know algebra but.

So what if one of many tales targeted on the precise college, with all the varsity actions that normally go on in school? Imagine it like a Harry Potter kind of factor: Adventures, quests, and classes that happen within the grand campus of Paldea’s academies, kind of much like how Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ analysis heart labored as a hub to return to, and study from.

This must be a bit extra thrilling than “you are in school”, in our opinion, as a result of the entire level of the Pokémon video games is attending to discover the vast world, however we will think about there being subject journeys to different cities and wild areas. And, truthfully, we might like to know what it is wish to be in school within the Pokémon world…

Fighting Evil

Mystery Car
This automotive HAS to belong to some evil man, proper?

Another recurring theme within the Pokémon video games — there’s at all times an evil organisation that it’s a must to thwart in your technique to the Hall of Fame. They vary from “super-evil” to “truly, they’ve a very good level”, however both method, it is your job to smack ’em down together with your staff of Pokémon.

The Team Rocket of every sport is normally involved with stealing Pokémon and waking the legendaries, however up to now, the field legendaries are… the motorbikes that it appears to be like like we’ll have entry to from close to the start of the sport. This implies that the evil guys both don’t desire the legendaries, or they need completely different legendaries — and there have been rumours that different legendaries exist. Or the story may very well be utterly completely different! We’re simply guessing!

It’ll be attention-grabbing to see how the stereotypical “evil staff” interacts with the non-linear nature of the sport — would this story additionally have the ability to be performed in any order? Can you simply leap straight to the boss, or will or not it’s like Breath of the Wild’s Yiga Clan the place they simply pop up throughout?

Well, these are our concepts, however we’re not Pokémon designers. If we needed to guess (and be upset), we might think about that the opposite two tales are Pokémon analysis and preventing evil, which is simply… a traditional Pokémon sport. But it does look like the treasure hunt is a vital a part of the sport, so we’re excited to see how that pans out.

What would you just like the tales in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet to be? Let us know within the feedback!



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