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Nut Hunt! (Pine Island Games) – The sport board is made up of linked hexagonal tiles. At the beginning of every flip you roll the die, which determines which course the fox strikes in. When the fox strikes onto a tile with squirrels, all of the squirrels scatter onto adjoining tiles and the energetic participant earns two nuts (the kind of nuts depends upon what tile the fox moved onto). The energetic participant then chooses as much as one non-obligatory motion. The energetic participant might recruit a squirrel, trouble the fox, or scout an goal. When recruiting a squirrel, you pay the nut requirement price on a tile with the intention to spawn considered one of your squirrels on that tile. To trouble the fox, you progress the fox onto a tile that’s adjoining to the fox, nonetheless you need to have at the very least a squirrel or a nest on that tile. Any squirrels on that tile then scatter, and also you forage one nut from that tile. When you scout an goal, you take a look at the highest two playing cards from the target deck and preserve one. Objectives record two tile areas. In order to finish an goal, on the finish of the sport, you need to have squirrels and/or nests on each areas, and areas forming a path between these two areas. There should be at the very least one nest current. You earn bonus factors for the shortest linked path you might have made between the 2 finish factors, and lose factors for uncompleted targets. You additionally earn factors on the finish of the sport for nests. When you might have three of your squirrels on a single tile collectively, they routinely construct a nest. The sport ends as soon as a participant has constructed 4 nests.



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