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Guns or Treasure (Castillo Games) – Each participant is a pirate captain! The recreation is split into three phases. At the beginning of part one, every participant is dealt six ship playing cards. Simultaneously, every participant will choose three playing cards and play them to construct their ships, then draw again as much as six, and do the identical once more. You will proceed to do that till every participant has performed twelve playing cards. You can begin a brand new ship by enjoying a card face-up or add to an present ship by enjoying a card face-down onto it. There are three forms of playing cards: treasure, weapons, and bombs. Treasure and weapons card have completely different values. During part two, gamers take turns selecting to assault or retreat. To assault, you choose one in every of your ships and assault one other participant’s ship utilizing your ship. All playing cards in each ships are revealed, and the ship with the very best mixed worth of weapons wins, taking all treasure from each ships. If a bomb is in one of many two ships, then each ships explode and nobody will get any treasure. To retreat, you choose one in every of your personal ships and accumulate all treasure from that ship, discarding every other playing cards. Once there aren’t any extra ships, you progress on to the scoring part. Each participant counts up how a lot treasure they collected and the participant with essentially the most treasure wins the sport.



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