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catan – Is it doable to transform a settler ship right into a settlement with out shifting after which construct or is it thought-about a transfer?

Is it doable to buy a settler in the course of the construct and commerce section, then load him onto a ship, transfer him, after which on a subsequent flip convert him right into a settlement throughout construct section?

Or is it thought-about to be a transfer and may or not it’s completed solely in the course of the motion section?


The issues I discover complicated are:

  • Manual says: you can’t construct after shifting section (spend sources) with exception of changing as a result of it doesn’t price sources
  • Manual does not say I cannot convert throughout construct section
  • Manual says I can convert anytime when my ship factors hex
  • Manual says I can construct a ship on a hex occupied by pirate ship with out paying tribute as a result of its not shifting (so why changing could be shifting ?)

So based mostly on this data I’d assume that I can convert setter ship into settlement throughout my construct section whether it is in an accurate place already, after which I may improve and/or construct different stuff.



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