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To be the cat’s whiskers or the cat’s pyjamas means to be a superb individual or factor.  That individual might seem like the cat that obtained the cream, very self-satisfied.

However, a cat on a scorching tin roof may be very agitated. The proverb a cat might take a look at a king means even an individual of low standing has rights.

The problem with organising a bunch of individuals is known as herding cats – cats have by no means taken kindly to being herded. If you’re trying soiled and saggy, you would possibly seem like one thing the cat introduced in, referring to a cat’s behavior of bringing half-dead rats into the home.

Cat expressions determine in different languages too. Portuguese folks say, “He who doesn’t have a dog hunts with a cat” which means ‘make the most of what you have’.  In Spain, a cat with gloves on catches no mice means good guys end final’. When requested to do one thing you don’t have time to do, a French speaker would possibly say, “I have other cats to whip”.

In Japan, to put on a cat in your head means ‘to hide your claws and pretend to be a nice, harmless person’. If you’re keen to borrow a cat’s paws, it means you might be so busy you’ll take assist from anybody. A cat’s brow means a tiny house, which jogs my memory of our expression for a small space – you’ll be able to’t swing a cat in right here.

A cat-o’-nine-tails was a whip with 9 lashes used till 1948 for punishing offenders. A baby who doesn’t wish to converse is typically requested by an annoying grownup, “Has the cat got your tongue?”  This might relate again to the recipient of a cat-o’-nine-tails, who can be struggling so badly he wouldn’t be speaking a lot.

According to humanitarian Dr Albert Schweitzer, “There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.”

Happy Puzzling!



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