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Chez Maxime – HOT NEWS : As a Tapper like sport from the Philips Videopac(Odyssey 2) arrives on the ZX Spectrum as a full remaster

Not happy with the quantity of video games posted and assume extra are wanted! Then how about this sport then it’s ‘Chez Maxime’. A model new ZX Spectrum remaster from Highrise and Gabriele Amore, as a sport that was regarded by many together with ARG as a hidden gem from 1983 for the Phillips Videopac (Odyssey 2). For these of you that haven’t heard of this sport earlier than, it was famous by way of the reddit dialogue web page that it’s loads like Tapper however set in a French restaurant with many hours value of enjoyment, and much more so on the ZX Spectrum.

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Chez Maxime is a French sport revealed in 1983 for the Phillips Videopac, also referred to as the Magnavox Odyssey 2, a console first launched in 1978. The sport was ‘rediscovered’ by the ARG presents Youtube channel as a hidden gem, and that is the primary time this obscure however pleasant little sport is playable on some other system for a wider viewers to get pleasure from. The coder, Highrise, who’s well-known on the Spectrum scene for changing plenty of video games to the system up to now reminiscent of Asteroids, Joust, Terrapins and InvAGDers Deluxe, had this to say:

“This time I’ve gone for a full ‘retro-remaster’ – taking the original, keeping the core gameplay but taking advantage of the higher resolution to give the graphics a more cartoon style (courtesy of Gabriele Amore), and adding extra elements wherever possible with the ‘newer’ 1982 hardware.The core gameplay remains intact, and the end result is a fun arcade style romp with bags of personality and elements of mid-80s arcade classics such as Tapper and Mikie.”

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