Home Game Development Cocos Enhance Kit: Cocos Creator engine for efficiency optimization, enhancements to the open supply undertaking – Cocos Creator

Cocos Enhance Kit: Cocos Creator engine for efficiency optimization, enhancements to the open supply undertaking – Cocos Creator

Cocos Enhance Kit: Cocos Creator engine for efficiency optimization, enhancements to the open supply undertaking – Cocos Creator


In my growth historical past, tasks at all times want some options that the engine doesn’t have, or the prevailing options of the engine can’t meet the demand.

So I put all of the options I wished so as to add to the engine in a single undertaking: Cocos Enhance Kit.

I hope everybody can take part within the growth of this undertaking (repair bugs), so it will likely be open supply.

I hope this undertaking would be the first to implement among the options that folks count on the engine to have and produce a “native” expertise.

I hope this undertaking may be like an alpha model of the engine, it may be a reference within the software impact, and assist the engine staff to implement the options that folks count on the engine to have sooner.

The merchandise of including multi-texture rendering options to the engine, for instance, has been performed by many individuals, however.

  • There are those who do it by inheriting engine courses, which I feel will increase the price to the consumer and isn’t as silky easy as utilizing the engine’s native options.

  • There are those who do it via plugin scripts, however this method at all times requires copying among the engine code and may be awkward to implement, and I don’t suppose it’s any extra maintainable than a customized engine when Cocos Creator 2.x stops updating options.

Precedent for making multi-texture rendering options native to the engine.

The PixiJS engine has formally applied multi-texture rendering within the v4 launch in 2016.

The > Phaser engine is predicated on the PixiJS engine, so it additionally helps multi-texture rendering.

And the most important benefit of utilizing a customized engine is that it may help native platforms, the drawback is that because the mini-game platform has an engine plugin function, utilizing a customized engine will stop you from utilizing the engine plugin.

Support for multi-texture rendering

  • Sprite, cc.Label, cc.RichText, cc.MotionSteak, Spine parts, simply drag within the parts to make use of.
  • Provides multi-texture batcher and automated materials switching mechanism, which makes it simpler to dynamically generate and handle multi-texture supplies, and is the idea for lots of the following options.

Support for top DPI textual content rendering

Previously, we might enhance the fontSize and reduce the Scale of the node to realize this, however now it’s immediately applied contained in the engine, and the dimensions may be adjusted with one line of code.

cc.sp.labelRetinaScale = 2;

And present a worldwide swap and a single-component swap, you may management the vary of this function on as you want.

Dynamic merge reconstruction

  • Thanks to the multi-texture rendering base, it’s attainable to remain at 1 Draw Call with at the least 8 units of photographs.
  • It helps automated multi-texture batching, optimized algorithms, reuse of discarded house, and different options.
  • Enables Spine to take part in dynamic merging as nicely.
  • Support international default swap, and add a swap for parts to take part in merging or not.
  • Expose extra merge interfaces to regulate using dynamic merge maps in a extra detailed manner.

CHAR Cache Mode Refactoring

  • Thanks to the multi-texture rendering base, the utmost variety of character atlases has been elevated from 1 to eight, which considerably alleviates the issue of textual content not being rendered when the atlases run out.
  • Automatic multi-texture batching can be supported, which signifies that Char character units may be merged with dynamic merging in a single batch.
  • Support for reuse of discarded house

As lengthy because the dynamic merge and Bitmap cache modes are used correctly, most scenes not have to do particular Draw Call optimization (hitting the set, adjusting the node order, layering rendering) to have a very good variety of Draw Calls.

The Spine element helps merging with different parts, merging into dynamic units and SpriteBody swap

As talked about within the title, as a result of we discovered that the discussion board typically want to make use of SpriteBody to decorate up Spine, and there are a lot of firms use Spine to implement frequent animations, even body animations, which can have a giant efficiency burden if they will’t be mixed with different parts.

You can get the complete detailed documentation beneath, and it solely takes a number of steps (organising a customized engine) to use all of the above options.

Github repository: GitHub – smallmain/cocos-enhance-kit: 这是一个提供 Cocos Creator 引擎特性增强、修复与优化的开源非官方增强包。

The improve equipment is extraordinarily restrained in making modifications to the engine, and can attempt to make sure compatibility and never modify the unique defaults of the engine, so that you don’t have to fret about “suddenly using it somehow”, and nearly all new options are enabled and disabled by default.

So after set up chances are you’ll discover that nothing appears to have modified within the undertaking, we suggest that you just learn the Getting Started tutorial to grasp the really helpful manner to make use of it.

Finally, if you need a one-click set up, then take into account my private paid engine extensions.

Cocos Store: Cocos Service Pack | Cocos Store

Of course you may write a script to implement it in minutes, so take into account this a sponsored hyperlink and thanks on your help



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