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Conquer Humanity – Beta Demo

Conquer Humanity – Beta Demo


Conquer Humanity is a really shallow however entertaining horde hell motion recreation the place a supervillain makes use of their powers to bloodbath and conquer humanity.

In Conquer Humanity you’re very a lot the unhealthy man. Your purpose is to beat humanity and to that it looks as if you’re going to kill most of it. Your predominant weapon is your Superman type laser-eyes, which you should utilize to slice by way of and dismember the hordes of people as they quake in worry. You even have telekinetic powers, hyper-speed dashes and brutal melee assaults which develop into more and more vital as stronger enemies are launched.

The present construct of Conquer Humanity feels a little bit extra like a tech demo than a recreation as there’s little or no depth to the gameplay, however it’s entertaining and the degrees of on-screen carnage is spectacular. It may do with growing the problem early on and a roguelike type improve system would assist so as to add extra depth. That stated, for those who fancy a little bit of superpowered genocide, Conquer Humanity has you lined.

Download The Conquer Humanity Beta Demo Here (Steam)



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