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Critical Role Releases New Album – ‘Welcome to Wildemount’

Critical Role continues their conquest of all media with a brand new launch, this time one other new music album. Welcome to Wildemount.

Critical Role’s media empire expands. This time they break into the music biz with the discharge of a second full album below their very personal document label: Scanlan Shorthalt Music.

Scanlan Shorthalt Music takes its title from the notorious bard of Vox Machina, Scanlan Shorthalt. As performed by Sam Riegel, Shorthalt was a gnome Bard with a penchant for songs with deceptively soiled lyrics.

The new album, Welcome to Wildemount, is Shorthalt Music’s second full-length soundtrack album. And it’s accessible now for buy and streaming at your favourite main music platform.

Critical Role Releases Welcome to Wildemount – Music for Your Game

On the heels of the inaugural album, Welcome to Tal’Dorei, this launch explores one other continent of Exandria referred to as Wildemount—a rugged land dwelling to a lot of the adventures of The Mighty Nein, adventuring social gathering of Critical Role Campaign 2.

Led by Critical Role’s Creative Director and co-founder Marisha Ray, in addition to Senior Producer Maxwell James, this album options over an hour of unique music with 20 new tracks created by the returning staff of composers—Omar Fadel, Colm McGuinness, and the staff at Hexany Audio—in addition to beautiful album artwork by Kent Davis. Tracks embody:

  1. “Welcome to Wildemount” Colm McGuinness
  2. “Stroll Through Nicodranas” Omar Fadel
  3. “Reefs of Darktow” Omar Fadel
  4. “The Amber Road” Omar Fadel
  5. “The Luxon” Omar Fadel
  6. “Trouble at the Docks” Matthew Carl Earl (Hexany Audio)
  7. “Passage to Xhorhas” Omar Fadel
  8. “Back to the Blooming Grove” Steven Grove (Hexany Audio)
  9. “Smoke Fills the Room” Colm McGuinness
  10. “The Volstruckers” Colm McGuinness
  11. “The Crownsguard” Omar Fadel
  12. “The Aurora Watch” Matthew Carl Earl (Hexany Audio)
  13. “Echoes of Aeor” Omar Fadel
  14. “At the Gates of Bazzoxan” Omar Fadel
  15. “Orphanmaker” Colm McGuinness
  16. “The Hag’s Hovel” Matthew Carl Earl (Hexany Audio)
  17. “Rise of Uk’otoa” Omar Fadel
  18. “Above the Living Rooftops” Colm McGuinness
  19. “Neo-Somnovem Incarnate” Colm McGuinness
  20. “Hupperdook Tavern” Omar Fadel

This album is an audio journey via Wildemount. You’ll discover tracks for the setting, for various heroic moments. All the epicness of Wildemount is captured in these 20 tracks.

Try it immediately on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and all different main digital music platforms.

Happy (Audio) Adventuring




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