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Cult of the Lamb: How to extend follower Loyalty

Cult of the Lamb: How to extend follower Loyalty


Follower Loyalty is extremely essential in Cult of the Lamb. You’ll be launched to the idea early on in your journey, however there are loads of shifting items that gained’t come to gentle till later within the recreation.

If you’re trying to improve follower Loyalty in Cult of the Lamb, right here’s what you must know.

Further studying

What is follower Loyalty?

A player Inspiring a follower in Cult of the Lamb.

Follower Loyalty is a person stat that determines how a lot Devotion is generated by the cultist whereas worshiping on the Shrine or when attending a Sermon. Generate sufficient Loyalty with a follower they usually’ll degree up — granting you a Commandment Stone. In different phrases, you’ll wish to make investments loads of time into growing the Loyalty of each follower in your cult. The extra loyal they’re, the quicker you’ll degree up.

Below, you’ll discover just a few simple methods to shortly increase your follower’s Loyalty in Cult of the Lamb.

Perform a Blessing

Blessings are a straightforward technique to shortly increase Loyalty. They can solely be carried out as soon as per day per follower, and also you’ll must work together with every follower individually to carry out the Blessing. It might be time-consuming upon getting a big cult however at all times stays a viable technique to increase your Loyalty. Also notice that this may be upgraded to Inspire later within the recreation for an excellent better impact.

Give them presents

A player giving a gift in Cult of the Lamb.

Who doesn’t like presents? Your cultists would possibly rise up to some nefarious stuff, however they nonetheless love a great present. These might be discovered whereas out on Crusades, and giving one to a cultist will dramatically increase their Loyalty.

Perform a each day Sermon

If you’re not already performing each day Sermons, ensure that to construct them into your routine instantly. Not solely are these a good way to degree up your individual abilities, however they generate a bunch of Loyalty in your followers.

Hand out Bribes

Bribing a follower in Cult of the Lamb.

One of the Doctrines within the Possessions class will mean you can Bribe your followers. This might be carried out as soon as a day for every follower (and every use prices just a few cash), nevertheless it’s one other simple technique to quickly enhance their Loyalty.

Complete quests

Followers will often hand out quests to you when in camp. They could appear foolish, however by no means flip these down as they’re a superb supply of Loyalty.

Cook premium meals

A player looking at the cooking menu in Cult of the Lamb.

Most meals doesn’t do a lot in addition to fill your cult’s stomach. But some high-end meals, just like the Splendid Vegetable Feast, have an opportunity of elevating Loyalty after being consumed. Because of this, you would possibly wish to put money into a major farming setup — a single serving of the meal requires tons of beets, pumpkins, and cauliflower.

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