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Cursed to Golf Switch evaluation – golf, however good

Every time I attempt to describe Cursed to Golf I need to use the phrase ‘little’. This isn’t derisive, I simply really feel like calling it an excellent little sport every time I take into consideration writing about it. I believe it’s due to the splendidly easy, miniature set of issues it tries to do, which create one thing so playful and endearing.

The core thought is golf. You hit the button to decide on your energy, you hit it once more to decide on the trajectory. This is each golf sport. It’s a core concept that simply works. The distinction right here is every little thing round it. It has a 2D map like a side-scroller, numerous playing cards that may have wacky results, and a slowly depleting ball rely that acts like your well being.

So, how did it find yourself like this? Well, our protagonist is a celebrity golfer, heading in the right direction to win the following massive championship. Just as they swing for the opening a bolt of lightning strikes them they usually die. This is nice for 2 causes: one, it acts as a tutorial for probably the most fundamental mechanics, and two, it units up the self-esteem.

Our golfer has fallen into golf purgatory, the place an enormous inexperienced man known as The Scotsman meets and greets you earlier than explaining all of the strangenesses that happen down on this unusual place. There are traps past simply bunkers and water, teleportation gadgets, and ball-destroying spikes, all paving a gauntlet that doesn’t need you to win.

A golfer falling through a 2D level of platforms on a sandy desert background.

To recover from these challenges you’ll want to get good at golf. Beyond the fundamental energy and goal choices, there’s additionally a spin mechanic. This provides the ball a lifetime of its personal, letting you spin it in a sure course far past something sensible. You may apply spin because the ball lands, after which fine-tune precisely the place you need it to land.

This feels nice as a result of controller enter required to drag it off. You mash the face button and push the stick within the course you need, making it really feel like turning a heavy truck or one thing. You’re preventing with the ball to provide you each final inch of its fantasy momentum, simply to drag off some alien trick shot or get by a tiny crevice. It’s glorious.

A screenshot from Cursed to Golf showing two characters stood in from of a dilapidated shack called Eterni-tee. On the left is a golfer dressed in red, with a red cap and blue shorts, pale face and big cartoon eyes. On the right is a large green man with yellow eyes from a shadowed face, and long yellow beard swirling down his from. He holds a golf club resting on his right shoulder.

There are additionally taking part in playing cards that behave as power-ups to make your life simpler. There are fundamental ones, like extra photographs and follow photographs, alongside some excellently creative ones. What if the ball was a rocket? What when you had portals? What if the ball might freeze water? I like it when you possibly can hear the questions that led to this kind of inventiveness, and I certain can right here.

All of those features are match right into a roguelike construction. There are eighteen holes to get by on one run, 4 bosses that don’t reappear after defeating them, and a normal pervading thought that finishing a full run is totally unattainable. This sport is hard, and the much less persistent could discover that irritating.

One factor that kinda ameliorates this difficulty is the comeback mechanic, which lets you place a flag after a accomplished gap and return there when you die. This is cool however didn’t all the time appear to work. If you employ the ‘quick tee off’ possibility you simply restart a brand new run. Maybe I’m utilizing it improper, however I’m not utterly certain the way it works.

A 2D level of platforms with strange fungi in blue and red in the background.

There’s additionally a fast-forward button which you need to use to zip by the sport, and that is considered one of my favorite options. I don’t play sufficient golf video games to know if that is widespread or not, however fast-forward buttons must be in every little thing. It’s so good.

All this beautiful stuff wouldn’t be so nice if it didn’t look, really feel, and sound so wonderful. The attractive pixel artwork from Jon Davies is so filled with character and allure, with totally different boss animations purveying their persona effortlessly. I really like the foolish look on our golfer’s face, the peace signal their ghost makes once they full a gap and the constant high quality of artwork and animation all through.

Then the music from Mark Sparling utilises squidgy synths to match as much as all that magnificence. There are glorious tunes right here, plucking totally different melodies to suit totally different bosses or locales. It matches completely, even when this sport does go well with sound-off, handheld periods in entrance of the tele.

A character from Cursed to Golf. They have a shadowed face, spiky orange eyes, long orange hair, and baggy orange clothes. They're holding a notebook in one hand and a ball in the other.

It’s all these components that assist Cursed to Golf really feel like a brilliantly well-rounded bundle. Wherever you look, it appears like care and a spotlight mixed with a real love of messing round have formed each nook of the sport. As you progress by a stage and utilise totally different contraptions, all of it is smart, and all of it makes me smile. It’s simply nice enjoyable.

Sadly, this evaluation was delayed because of a software program crash after the primary boss, and there are apparently another bugs that the devs fastened not too long ago. This is a disgrace, in fact, however Chuhai Labs has been persistently speaking by their social channels and jumped to repair any points in a short time, so hopefully no others crop up.

The words 'Cursed to Golf?' on a black background.

In spite of the bugs, this sport by no means fails to be gratifying. Best of all, the enjoyable isn’t negated by any extraneous elements – the small staff that made this carried out precisely what they wanted to. In a tidbit that didn’t make it into my latest Cursed to Golf interview with creator Liam Edwards, he mentioned that enjoyable is all it comes right down to on the finish of the day, and you’ll actually really feel it while you play.

And whereas some features can sometimes drag, and the harshness of the roguelike construction gained’t be to everybody’s style, this sensible little sport all the time succeeds in making me have time. Big and crunchy music, slick and charming pixel artwork, and brilliantly constructed gameplay… what extra might you need?

Cursed to Golf Switch evaluation

Cursed to Golf balances harsh roguelike components with playful and endearing stage design and sport mechanics. This, mixed with the attractive artwork and glorious tunes make for a superbly well-rounded bundle that’s onerous to place down.




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