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data – Three unknown key phrases and an equation

(A, B, C) = (Emma Cold, Big Dwarf, Warren Lily)
(X, Y, Z) = (Stone, Mountain, Peace)
(P, Q, R) = (Yellow, Blue, Green)

And the total thought course of as within the unique put up:

Emma Cold Steve Austin = Oscar Winning Actress + Retired Professional Wrestler.
Big Dwarf = Former Rock Band + Fantasy Creature.
Warren Lily = Geoffrey MacCormack + Flowering Plant.

Keyword of Emma Cold Steve Austin is Stone.
Keyword of Big Dwarf is Mountain.
Keyword of Warren Lily is Peace.

Yellow + Blue = Green, the three members of the rainbow.

Yellowstone is a nationwide park present in Wyoming, USA.
Blue Mountain is a mountain present in Washington, USA.
Greenpeace is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

I used to be undecided about:

Blue Mountain, however Mountain Dwarf (and Elf) are frequent fantasy creatures notably in tabletop video games I’m aware of, however Big Mountain was a little bit of a stretch.



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