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D&D: An Adventurer’s Guide to Ankhtepot, Mummy Lord of Har’Akir

The Darklord Ankhtepot guidelines over the sandy vistas of Har’Akir with an undead fist that crushes all, physique and soul.

The Domain of Dread generally known as Har’Akir is an enormous desert filled with historic tombs and long-forgotten peoples. There, amid 4 Oases that present shelter from swirling sandstorms, the Akirrans carve out a wealthy life from the barren environs. But their lives, their tradition, and even the gods they worship are all of the machinations of 1 being: the Darklord of Har’Akir, the god-usurping priest-king, Ankhtepot.

Ankhtepot was extra than simply the Mummy Lord of Har’Akir. As ruler of the Dark Domain, he noticed to it that the very gods who punished him have been eradicated from the hearts and minds of the folks trapped within the Mists of Ravenloft with him. But that is merely one flip in an extended cycle of vengeance. It all begins in a long-forgotten land in Faerun’s distant previous.

Ankhtepot – Mortal Priest

Little is thought of Ankhtepot’s homeland. Known solely because the Land of Reeds and Lotuses, it was an historic nation lengthy vanished. Its folks worshipped an enormous pantheon of divinities. Their knowledge introduced forth prosperity and the energy to endure hardships. Ankhtepot was a devoted priest in his mortal life. He served three generations of pharaohs as a excessive priest.

He watched how a frontrunner’s will and imaginative and prescient might affect a whole folks. And whereas the primary two pharaohs he served have been simply, form rulers. The third, who ascended the throne after his mom, the earlier pharaoh died out of the blue, was by all accounts unworthy in each respect.

Though his title is lengthy forgotten, his fame stays. He rapidly grew to become unpopular amongst each folks and clergymen. His cruelty and hedonism drove many to despair. But Ankhtepot noticed this as an indication from the gods.

Ankhtepot believed that they have been giving him an indication that they wished one other to take the pharaoh’s place — somebody who understood their divine intentions. And who knew easy methods to unfold their phrase and knowledge.

And so, on the day that the pharaoh was to be consecrated and sure to the gods, Ankhtepot gathered loyal clergymen and slew their pharaoh. But Ankhtepot was mistaken.

Thousands of Years of Torment

Ankhtepot had misjudged the desire of the gods. And the loyalty of the folks of his homeland. They rose up in opposition to the rebellious clergymen, and executed them publicly, Ankhtepot final of all.

In dying, Ankhtepot discovered he had offended the gods themselves. As he stood earlier than them in dying, the immortals deserted him, cursing his existence and denying him the discharge of the afterlife. Their judgment was harsh and swift. They banished Ankhotep from the afterlife, returning him o the world, however not earlier than stripping away a bit of his soul: his Ka — the very important essence that evokes all residing issues.

Cursed, Ankhtepot reawakened inside his personal corpse as he was mummified alongside his treacherous fellow clergymen. He felt the ache of each reduce, of each organ eliminated as he was mummified “alive but undying.”

Then he was buried in an unmarked crypt, left to endure and starve for untold millennia till the final reminiscence of Ankhtepot’s title pale from his homeland. Then a voice got here, intruding into his solitary crypt. This mysterious voice had one query: did he nonetheless imagine he was worthy to rule?

And via the ages, the murderous priest’s vanity had solely grown. So when he spoke aloud his affirmative, the Dark Powers of Ravenloft freed him, and he emerged from the crypt into the sun-baked desert of his personal Domain of Dread: Har’Akir.

Blasphemy in Har’Akir

The mummified priest led a cursed existence. Lacking his Ka, he might solely rage on the residing. The folks of Har’Akir have been pious, and dedicated to the identical gods that he as soon as had served. For Ankhtepot, this is able to not do.

So with murderous rage and unholy energy, he rapidly set about slaying all who adopted the faith he felt had deserted him. And utilizing blasphemous rites, he resurrected the clergymen buried with him as highly effective mummies. And via this darkish ceremony, he manufactured new, false divinities of his personal imagining.

So it was that Ankhtepot’s new religion supplanted Har’Akir. In place of the true gods, there have been the Children of Ankhtepot. Horrific mummies have been gifted animal heads and energy by their lord. So it was that the useless conquered the very souls of Har’Akir.

And now, the mother lord of Har’Akir seeks that which he craves most, the lacking piece of his soul, misplaced within the deep deserts of Har’Akir.




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