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D&D: An Adventurer’s Guide To Kitiara Uth Matar

Once a Solamnic Knight, now one of many best servants of the Queen of Dragons, Kitiara Uth Matar cuts an imposing swath on Krynn.

Known at occasions because the Blue Lady or Dark Lady, the previous Solamnic Knight generally known as Kitiara Uth Matar was one of the vital notorious figures within the War of the Lance.

Kitiara Uth Matar would rise from humble beginnings to world-shaking significance. But earlier than she was the Dark Lady, earlier than she was Dragon Highlord of the Dragon Army, she was a dark-eyed, curly haired woman rising up within the metropolis of Solace. There she lived along with her mom, step-father, and two brothers, Caramon and Raistlin Majere.

Kitiara Uth Matar – Early Life

Kitiara was born within the metropolis of Palanthas to Gregor Uth Matar and Rosamun Aelan. Her mom was variety, beneficiant, and caring. But her father, Gregor, was a rogue and bandit like no different. By the time Kitiara, or Kit, as she was extra generally referred to as, was 7, Gregor left. Wanderlust and the need for fortune and fame pulled him away from his household.

And all he left Kit with, was her lopsided, roguish grin. Rosamun settled in Solace with the woodcutter Gilon Majere. And if not for the truth that Rosamun quickly was because of give start to 2 boys, Caramon and Raistlin, she would have left.

Instead, Kit ended up serving to to lift her half-brothers. She taught herself easy methods to prepare dinner, sew, and mend no matter wanted mending. She obtained Caramon his first sword, and even gave Raistlin his identify, plucking it from the tales of a intelligent hero that her father had as soon as informed her.

Eventually, because the boys grew sufficiently old to take care of themselves, Kit left. She grew to become a mercenary, and led a lifetime of some tragedy.

During one specific misadventure, her mates have been killed at sea, and Kit jumped ship somewhat than be blamed for his or her deaths.

While hiding out at a farm, she occurred to return throughout a person who knew her father—knew and betrayed him. leaving him to die. Though she killed her father’s betrayer, she by no means realized what occurred to him.

And when she returned to Solace, Rosamun lay dying.

With little tying her to Solace, she left once more. And whereas adventuring met Tanis Half-Elven, and the 2 grew to become quick mates.

From Companion of the Lance to Dragon Highlord

Kit and Tanis returned once more to Solace, and this time, discovered mates. Her brothers, now grown, had a bunch of fellow adventurers generally known as the Companions. For a time, life within the Companions was good. But happiness wouldn’t final lengthy for Kitiara Uth Matar.

During this time, she had a daughter born of a pissed off seduction. This left her out of the Companions for a time. And although Kit didn’t keep to lift her son, Steel Brightblade, she despatched cash and presents to the lady elevating him.

Instead, Kit pursued tales she had heard a couple of basic named Duulket Ariakas. Ariakas was a warrior and wielder of darkish magic, chosen by Takhisis herself to be his champion. Ariakas was the Commander-in-Chief of the Dragon Armies.

Impressed with Kit’s demeanor, he despatched her on her first mission: recruiting a pink dragon named Immolatus.

Much to everybody’s shock, Kitiara Uth Matar survived. With her new recruit, Kit was given the rank of Commander and just a little extra free rein. Kitiara and Immolatus have been despatched to the city of Hope’s End to seek for the eggs of Metallic Dragons.

When Immolatus betrayed the Dragon Queen’s plan, Kit stepped in, working along with her brothers in secret to kill the pink dragon she had recruited.

In this second, Kitiara noticed and believed within the majest of Takhisis, Queen of Darkness.

Kitiara Uth Matar – The Blue Lady

Not lengthy after, Kitiara grew to become a part of the Blue Dragonarmy, and earlier than lengthy, after the management was slain in battle, Kit grew to become the Dragon Highlord of the Blue Dragonarmy.

And so it was that Kitiara Uth Matar entered the War of the Lance on the facet of Takhisis.

Kitiara was on the vanguard of the Blue Dragonarmy’s invasion of Solamnia. Under her command, Takhisis’ forces conquered Kalaman, Hinterlund, and Nightlund. And certainly, due to her success, managed to keep away from coming into battle along with her former companions. At least for a time.

Instead, she was instrumental in finishing up the plots of the newly topped Emperor Ariakas. Ariakas despatched Kit to undermine the Knights of Solamnia from inside. As effectively as investigating the dying of Highlord Verminaard, which introduced her as soon as extra into contact with the Companions of the Lance.

Kitiara fought her brothers’ companions throughout the lands of Krynn. She managed to slay Sturm Brightblade, the daddy of her baby. And she led a flight of blue dragons in opposition to the High Clerist’s Tower.

She was instrumental in most of the successes had by the Dragonarmies. She captured the elven princess Laurana, fought along with her former lover Tanis Half-Elven, and would have introduced each to Lord Soth. Except Tanis managed to flee, hanging down Emperor Ariakas with Raistlin’s support.

And although she would in the end be defeated within the War of the Lance, that was not the top of Kit’s story.

The Blue Lady’s War

After the War of the Lance, the Blue Lady solid an uneasy truce with the Knights of Solamnia. In 356 AC, she met with Raistlin within the Tower of High Sorcery and study of his plans to develop into a god by killing Takhisis.

She tried to cease his plans, placing Lord Soth in movement, however Raistlin traveled again in time. But whereas the archmage was away, Kitiara started a marketing campaign to kill the wizard Dalamar.

During the battle, nevertheless, Kitiara was mortally wounded. And when she lastly died, Lord Soth himself appeared to assert her physique. Her corpse is saved preserved in repose close to Soth’s throne.

So ends the story of the Blue Lady of Krynn




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