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D&D: An Adventurer’s Guide to the Astral Plane

The Astral Plane is a timeless, starry void that connects the remainder of D&D’s multiverse. Here’s what that you must know.

With Spelljammer: Adventures in Space taking gamers adrift into the astral airplane, and Planescape looming massive on subsequent 12 months’s horizon, it’s time to get your bearings on D&D’s multiverse. And all of it begins with the Astral Plane.

The Astral Plane could possibly be summed up as follows:

It is the house between every little thing. The highway that goes in every single place. It is the place you’re once you aren’t wherever else.

It is a starry sea that connects all shores.

The Astral Plane, a Realm of Thought

In the Astral Plane, thought and actuality are as shut as they get. The Astral Sea is a heavenly realm, like most others. Travel past the airless void of your Wildspace system, and also you’ll discover that you just emerge right into a silvery realm of breathable air and gravity.

But neither is essentially actual. They could possibly be as a result of creatures inhabiting this house suppose they’re respiratory or have weight.

Spend any period of time there, and also you’ll uncover that you would be able to journey by thought alone. Inhabitants can use nothing greater than their minds to fly by means of the Astral Sea. And the extra clever the creature, the quicker it might fly.

The Astral Plane reacts to thought in additional methods than movement although. In the Astral Sea, all creatures have directional consciousness. You can get the place you need to go, merely by considering of the vacation spot. After doing so, you turn into conscious of essentially the most direct path to that location. It may even be a path to one thing you don’t know, like “the nearest Githyanki outpost” or “a safe place to shelter from the rampaging Astral Dreadnought.”


The Astral Plane is a realm of thought and stars, sure. But it is usually packed filled with all method of denizens, native and visiting. Perhaps essentially the most notorious is the Githyanki. This department of the Gith raided by means of the Astral Plane from hidden redoubts. While their kin, the Githzerai sculpt fortresses and realities out of ideas.

Dead gods drift by means of this realm, lifeless and huge.

But much more harmful than both are the Astral Dreadnoughts, who starvation for all, and whose terrifying countenance may be the very last thing you see if you happen to’re not cautious.

A curious factor concerning the Astral Sea (and Wildspace) is that each realms are filled with fish. You would possibly catch an area eel or a scavver, or discover different astral fish on this starry realm.

But one factor any who lives there study is that the Astral Plane is timeless.

Timeless But Not Spaceless

Time passes within the Astral Plane, however its results don’t. That is, a creature within the Astral Plane would possibly expertise the lengthy roll of millennia (as will the worlds they’re from), however they gained’t age. And there are different results moreover, however solely those that dwell within the Astral Plane for millennia really know what that’s like.

The different factor to pay attention to is that it’s not only a house that touches all shores. It connects, typically while not having house. One can steadily come throughout colour swimming pools that lead you to a different airplane of existence. You would possibly journey to the Elemental Plane of Fire or Water by stumbling by means of a portal unaware.

It is a harmful realm however could be richly rewarding for cautious vacationers.




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