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With Planescape on its manner, we’re traversing the multiverse. And nowhere is as oozy and lethal because the para-elemental planes.

The multiverse of D&D is huge. You may need ventured past the shoals of the Prime Material Plane and headed for the Elemental Planes. Fire, Water, Air, Earth. All the classics. Usually the Plane of Fire although. Because that’s simply what DM’s like.

Assuming you survive the Plane of Fire, what’s subsequent? There’s the Shadowfell, certain. And the Feywild or Astral Planes, in case your tastes are a bit… pedestrian.

But why not take a web page from the older editions–2nd Edition particularly– and attempt to unearth (actually) these unique planar locales? I’m speaking about para- and quasi-elemental planes.

If you’ve by no means heard of them, right here’s a short overview. Para-Elemental Planes are the areas that type the place the basic planes butt up in opposition to one another. Fire and Air make the Plane of Smoke, for instance. Quasi-elemental planes, however, are locations the place the constructive or damaging vitality planes contact one another–Positive Energy and Air make lightning, for example.

Now, this cosmology hasn’t been related shortly–fifth Edition has its personal explicit spin on the cosmos, however these planes make for wonderful adventuring concepts. There are plenty of bizarre planes on the market, however listed here are just a few simply to get you began.

Quasi-Elemental Plane of Lightning

This is a quasi-elemental aircraft that’s shaped the place the aircraft of Air meets the Positive Energy Plane. Home to every kind of lightning-based creatures like Blue Dragons, Lightning Mephits, Lightning Elementals, and extra–the whole aircraft is a roiling storm that’s chock stuffed with vitality. This is a aircraft of potential, of energy. Be certain and put on your lightning-resistant cloaks. A enjoyable place to ship adventurers searching for a robust supply of vitality for one thing they want.

Para-Elemental Plane of Ooze

A aircraft identified for its secrets and techniques, the para-elemental aircraft of Ooze is shaped the place the Planes of Earth and Water run up in opposition to one another. All mud and slime, a quivering ocher ocean of muck, there’s not loads to right away suggest this place to guests.

Little relieves the endless ocean of muck. Toward the aircraft of Earth, the mud grows drier, full of abrasive grit, and towards Water, it thins into rippling silt {that a} cutter can generally swim by way of. Drifting by way of all of it are blocks of stone and puddles of clear water.

This is a superb place to pursue an escaping enemy–the chase will be slowed by all of the muck and monsters.

Plane of Ash

through The Pokémon Company

Ash. Miles upon miles of choking ash that begins the place the aircraft of Fire butts up in opposition to the Negative Energy Plane. Where the roiling elemental fires start to die, the air grows thicker and ash begins to swirl. Creeping tendrils begin out little by little till you’re swimming in an ocean of ash, charcoal, and soot.

Home to creatures infused with the smoldering vitality of ash, this can be a wasteland–a barren place of choking prospects. This is a superb aircraft for that wasteland/apocalyptic really feel. Especially in case your gamers have not too long ago performed Dark Souls 3…

Para-Elemental Plane of Magma

A Para-Elemental aircraft shaped the place the aircraft of Fire meets the aircraft of Earth, the aircraft of Magma is a consistently churning river of molten rock that shifts and burbles as scabrous, hardening chunks of rock are swept again into the molten move.

Full of eruptions and inhospitality, fire-and-lava loving creatures make their dwelling right here, whether or not it’s close to the aircraft of Fire the place geysers of lava spray into the air, or nearer to the aircraft of Earth the place pillars of stable rock float, borne away by the searing tide. If you need a spot for a villain’s lair and a really cool showdown, that is nearly as good because it will get.

Plane of Ice

This one feels prefer it needs to be in fifth Edition, given what number of ice ranges there appear to be. Whether frost giants or frost maidens or ice caverns you possibly can run throughout in any given e book.

This aircraft is equally harmful and inhospitable, although it’s borne out of Wind and Water flushing up in opposition to one another. Depending on which version you’re drawing from, the aircraft is countless winter, an iceberg bobbing atop the basic aircraft of Water, or a spindly cylinder someplace within the cosmos. Either manner, you’ll want greater than cold-weather gear to outlive right here.

There are loads of others to strive. The aircraft of Smoke is woke, the aircraft of Dust is… effectively you’ll need your allergens. But even should you’re not utilizing these as planes in and of themselves, they make for excellent places which you could establish on the assorted planes.

You might have the aircraft of Earth get oozier because it will get nearer the aircraft of Water and discover some fascinating muck monsters or literal sunken locales–what’s previous will be new once more, so examine them out right this moment!

Happy Adventuring!




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