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D&D: An Adventurer’s Guide To Vlad Drakov, Former Ruler Of Falkovnia

Known all through Ravenloft as a ugly tyrant and brutal conquerer, Vlad Drakov as soon as reigned over the area of Falkovnia.

Throughout Ravenloft’s mists, you’ll discover pockets of actuality. Demiplanes of existence generally known as Domains of Dread. These are meant as punishments for the depraved, however are additionally their playgrounds. Equal components petty kingdom and devices of torments. And nobody understood devices of torments like Vlad Drakov.

A person initially from Krynn, Drakov appeared to at all times have one foot within the Mists of Ravenloft. His terror was so nice, his title escaped his Dread Domain and unfold all through Ravenloft. Even in Barovia and Darkon, the title of Drakov was feared. And with good motive. But earlier than he was the Impaler, he was The Hawk.

Vlad Drakov – The Hawk of Krynn

In his mortal life, Vlad Drakov was a person from Krynn. He initially hailed from the dominion of Thenol, on the continent of Taladas. In Thenol, Drakov was generally known as a brutal and ruthless mercenary. A sellsword of ill-repute who longed for extra out of life.

For the younger Drakov had been seemed down upon for many of his youth. Noble lords regarded him as expendable. Society seemed down on him as nothing greater than a brute. These insults reminded Drakov of what would by no means be his: a place of actual management and respect.

But Vlad Drakov was nothing if not decided. He rapidly established a mercenary firm generally known as the Talons of the Hawk. And he, because the Hawk of Krynn, was its chief. His fearsome popularity unfold vast throughout Taladas.

Every motion he took appeared to take him nearer and nearer to Ravenloft. Long earlier than the Mists claimed him, he was a ugly chief, with a penchant for impaling his captives and watching their gradual, anguished deaths.

So it was when Drakov’s Troupe left the Conquered Lands and fled into the Mists of Ravenloft. Emerging in Darkon, the area of Azalin, Drakov’s first thought was of conquest. He believed he and his forces had discovered a brand new, unclaimed land to overcome.

Little did he know.

Drakov In Darkon

Azalin the Lichlord of Darkon proved to be a terrifying foe. And Drakov, realizing he couldn’t interact the lich instantly, started a marketing campaign of terror. He and his Talons sacked cities, pillaged the countryside, and in a single notable occasion, ordered the mass execution of a whole village.

Perhaps impaling the villagers who resisted on ten-foot spikes was his method of staking a declare in Darkon. But as Vlad Drakov and his males ate, watching the villagers slowly expire, one thing modified. The villagers animated because the strolling lifeless. Zombies rose in timeless waves, pulling themselves off their pikes and attacking.

Other creatures joined them, creatures of the evening, creatures of undeath. Vlad and his males had been pressured to flee into the Mists.

Falkovnia Forms

The Mists of Ravenloft are a terrifying place certainly. There isn’t any escaping their grasp. No denying them their darkish insights into one’s true nature. And inside the Mists, Vlad Drakov revealed his true nature. The Dark Powers of Ravenloft ready a reward for him… the area of Falkovnia.

This new area opened up for Drakov and his males. They rapidly settled it, naming it Falkovnia, that means “Realm of the Hawk.” Why the phrase Falkovnia, which appears to be extra carefully associated to Falcon, than Hawk, means “Realm of the Hawk” is a thriller unanswered to today.

Etymological oddities apart, Drakov proved to be each bit the dreadful tyrant Ravenloft anticipated he can be. As the Darklord of Falkovnia, Drakov discovered new energy. In addition to rising in bodily powers, the Darklord discovered himself granted with unnatural longevity. Some declare he was a vampire. Others declare he’s merely cursed. Still extra say he feasts upon the lifetime of his victims.

Whatever the case, Drakov discovered himself tormented in Falkovnia. The close by, neighboring “kingdoms” had been dominated by fops and weak-willed rulers who had been hardly a match for the tyrant. Drakov discovered that irrespective of how brutal his ways or popularity, he nonetheless by no means had the respect of the opponents he craved. Azalin the lich king seemed down on him as an upstart.

Strahd von Zarovich thought of him barely a person.

When the urge takes him, Drakov will marshal his forces and attempt to invade and conquer neighboring Dread Domains, however each try has failed. His fellow Darklords are greater than a match of their house domains.

Thus Drakov won’t ever earn the respect he craves. And he’ll perpetually rot in his personal weak point and cruelty.




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