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D&D: Dragonlance’s New Lunar Sorcerer Will Have You Fighting Evil By Moonlight

Dragonlance’s new Lunar Sorcerer subclass attracts on the ability of the moon. Magical woman transformation sequence elective—however inspired.

Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen has a couple of highly effective new participant choices to tie PCs to the setting. One of the largest strategies is thru new backgrounds and related feats. But in Dragonlance, if you wish to go all in on magical moons, turning into a double moon (or moon-moon if you’ll) you’ll be able to develop into a Lunar Sorcerer.

Lunar Sorcery is the brand new subclass launched in Dragonlance. It’s by far the strongest sorcerer subclass WotC has put out, and that’s solely because of the truth that you’ll be able to acquire as many as 16 additional spells in your record, placing it head and shoulders above different Sorcerers. And on high of that, the options are enjoyable. Let’s have a look.

Lunar Sorcerer – Dragonlance Proves Mages Aren’t Just Wizards

Perhaps the one strongest function of the Lunar Sorcerer is their widespread record of bonus spells. They’re extraordinarily helpful. As you’ll be able to see, you get spells like Shield, Blindness/Deafness, even Phantom Steed or Dispel Magic, releasing you from having to make use of your restricted Sorcerer spell choice on taking them.

Although, a Lunar Sorcerer doesn’t acquire all of those directly. They should choose which section of the moon they’re resonating with. Whenever you end a protracted relaxation, choose a section of the moon: full, new, or crescent. While in that section, you’ll be able to forged the first stage spell with out spending a spell slot as soon as per lengthy relaxation.

On high of that, they acquire the sacred flame cantrip, however higher, due to Moon Fire, their different 1st stage skill. This lets them goal two creatures inside 5 ft of one another at no additional value.

At sixth stage, the Lunar Sorcerer actually comes into their very own, although. With Lunar Boons, they cut back the price of Metamagic on spells related to their present section by 1 level, right down to a minimal of 0. Here’s every phases related faculties:

  • Full Moon – Abjuration and Divination
  • New Moon – Evocation and necromancy
  • Crescent Moon – Divination and transmutation

You can solely cut back the Metamagic prices as much as your proficiency bonus instances per day, so it’s not an at all times on distant or lengthen spell, as an example. But it’s nonetheless actual good.

At sixth stage Waxing and Waning permits you to spend a bonus motion and one sorcery level to shift your Lunar Embodiment section with out having to relaxation. And once you shift section, you’ll be able to forged a 1st-level spell out of your new section with out expending a spell slot.

At 14th stage, Lunar Empowerment provides you a alternative of always-on buffs relying in your lunar section.

  • Full Moon permits you to use a bonus motion shed or douse an aura of sunshine and improve you and your allies’ Investigation and Perception Checks inside it (can do that as typically as you want).
  • New Moon provides you benefit on Stealth checks, and whereas in darkness, assault rolls have drawback towards you.
  • Crescent Moon grants you proof against necrotic and radiant harm.

At 18th stage, Lunar Phenomenon, channels all that vitality right into a particular energy as a bonus motion, as soon as once more, relying on the section of the moon you’re in.

  • Full Moon – Moonlight streams from you, out to 30 ft away, blinding creatures of your alternative for a flip in addition to therapeutic one creature within the space.
  • New Moon – Gloom emanates in a 30 foot space round you. Creatures caugh in it take 3d10 necrotic harm and have their velocity diminished to 0 for a flip. Also you develop into invisible.
  • Crescent Moon – teleport anyplace inside 60 ft of your self. Bring a good friend with you in order for you.

On high of that, you should utilize this as a part of a bonus motion once you shift phases with waxing and waning.

All of this goes right into a pumped up Sorcerer, properly value attempting out.

Moon magic activation!




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