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D&D: Five Ways to Storm the Castle

Castles are large and fortified and exhausting to get into. So use these useful tips the subsequent time you might want to storm a fortress!

Castles loom giant in Dungeons & Dragons, the place they are often something from opulent shows of wealth and civilization to towering fortresses that brood ominously on the horizon.

They are sometimes on the coronary heart of adventures, for what’s a Castle if not an above-ground addition to your extant dungeon? But the trick might be getting inside. Castles are supposed to be defensible and are famously exhausting to get into. Unless you strive a little bit one thing like this.


Perhaps the best option to get right into a fortress is to only have the ability to fly above the excessive partitions and fortified crenellations suffering from archers and troopers able to hurl boulders or scorching oil down on would-be attackers. Of course, you’ll nonetheless should be careful for archers, as they may pepper you with arrows, besides, flight solves most of the logistical issues–in the event you want lots of people to get in, typically a small group flying in can open the gates to let everybody else storm the fortress.


If flight looks like it carries with it the chance of being shot by arrows an excessive amount of, properly, to start with, you do know you’re enjoying D&D proper? You’re gonna get shot by arrows. It’s like a ceremony of passage, each adventurer will get hit by a goblin with a brief bow sooner or later. Some die as a result of they don’t have very many hit factors when it occurs! But even so, if you’re arrow-averse…

Then there’s all the time the time-honored custom of deception and subterfuge. You can lie and declare to be fortress inspectors, you would possibly construct a large wood horse, or use phantasm magic like Mirage Arcane to make it appear to be the fortress has moved 6 inches in the course of the evening and to attempt to lure everybody exterior.


Treachery is totally different from trickery in an important means. Trickery entails mendacity to get your self inside, whereas treachery depends on turning somebody contained in the fortress to be your ally as a substitute. Money talks, as they are saying, and in the event you supply a guard even a half-share of treasure they may be prepared to only open the gates some quiet night. The similar goes for anybody with sufficient authority to allow you to inside so you may go concerning the enterprise of getting your journey.


Of course, it’s D&D, and except these fortress partitions are greater than 30 toes thick, you may fairly handily teleport your self inside. You might need a little bit hassle getting shut sufficient within the first place, however that’s the place trickery and/or flight is available in. But there’s not simply teleportation magic–we are able to take a look at implausible magical beasts if you already know the place to seek out them.

Siege Weapons

And we shut out with the one which’s a basic for a cause–and that cause is, it labored in the actual world. Get your self a trebuchet or a ballista or any of the siege weapons positioned within the Dungeon Master’s Guide (beginning round web page 255), and use them to start out chipping away at these fortress partitions till you’ve Minecrafted your means by way of to the opposite aspect.

Happy Adventuring!




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