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D&D: Got an Hour? These Five Spells are Worth the Wait

In D&D the most effective spells could be well worth the wait. These are the most effective spells that take an hour (or extra!) to solid.

It takes six seconds to solid nearly any spell in Dungeons & Dragons. A wave of the arms, a magic phrase or two, and possibly a pinch of rabbit fur or bat guano and also you’ve acquired a fireball within the making. But, some magic spells take a bit extra oomph.

They want energy and time and dedication, similar to your important different. But, make investments the time it takes to solid these spells, and also you’ll get a number of the strongest results within the recreation. Here are the 5 greatest spells that take an hour or extra to solid.

Find Familiar

Let’s begin with one of many lowest-level spells on the record. Find Familiar is iconic relating to D&D. Mages typically have familiars. And whereas it’ll take you an hour (and ten gold!) to solid the spell, it’s completely well worth the effort.

Not solely do you get to summon a magical animal to be your companion, however it’s also possible to telepathically talk with it, see by its eyes and listen to by its ears, and your acquainted can ship contact spells for you.

With one spell and one hour, you get a scout, spy, magical assistant, fight helper, and extra.

Raise Dead

But what good is having a well-recognized in case you’re lifeless? Well, with Raise Dead (or its counterparts Resurrection or Reincarnate) you gained’t should. All it takes is pricey materials elements, and an uninterrupted hour of spellcasting to return a creature to life, supplied that it has been lifeless not than 10 days.

Beat loss of life for less than 500 gp per hour. Which is a fairly good fee, actually. Sure, you would possibly take a -4 penalty to assault rolls, saving throws, and skill checks till you’ve had an opportunity to take 4 lengthy rests. But that’s a small worth to pay for getting back from the lifeless.


Okay however, with Clone, you possibly can lower out the intermediary. Sure it’s costlier — it prices at the least 3,000 gp and requires you to surrender one cubic inch of your flesh to create the clone. And the spell will take an hour to create the inert duplicate of the residing creature you select to clone.

But after an hour, you begin rising an inert model of your self (or whomever you goal). Now it’ll take 120 days for the clone to complete cooking, so that you’re nonetheless operating a threat for that. But as soon as the clone matures, your soul goes immediately to the clone as an alternative of no matter afterlife would possibly await you.

As an additional advantage, no one else will know, that means you possibly can have the final word backup plan.


Clone is cool and all. But For a fraction of the overall time, you possibly can create an illusory duplicate of your self, or one other humanoid or beast.

Simulacrum is a type of spells that will get trotted out for concept crafting with infinite Wishes. But vanilla Simulacrum is nice too. Because for 12 hours, you possibly can construct a life-sized snowman that may tackle the looks of whomever you’ve focused.

You will get essentially the most bang on your buck duplicating your self because the illusory snow creature has all of the statistics and talents of its goal. Which means you possibly can solid two units of the identical spells! Especially since you possibly can order the simulacrum round in fight. It’s two for the worth of 12 hours and 1,500 gp.


The remaining spell on our record is Awaken. This spell takes eight full hours to solid. But is completely price it. Because with this spell, you possibly can present an animal or plant with magical intelligence. Meaning they grow to be Intelligence 10, achieve the power to talk a language you recognize, and crops achieve mobility and senses just like a human’s.

And after doing that, the creature is charmed for 30 days!

Who says you possibly can’t make pals with magic?

Happy Adventuring




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