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In Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen, you possibly can play a Kender. Now with even much less unwarranted thievery.

Kenders are a longstanding a part of Dragonlance’s world. Back within the earliest days of the tales of the War of the Lance, kenders have been gnomes reworked to be extra magically curious. And sticky-fingered. Rather a lot has modified through the years. But kenders have stored their youthful exuberance by means of all of it.

And Dragonlance: Shadow of the Queen reintroduces kenders to the trendy age. Here’s a take a look at how one can play a kender in fifth Edition.

Dragonlance: Kenders

Kenders have modified a good quantity from their preliminary look within the Heroes of Krynn Unearthed Arcana. Some of those modifications are a slight nerf, however by and huge, they really feel about proper.

For starters, kender get all the standard issues {that a} post-Tasha’s Cauldron race does in fifth Edition. They can choose from both +2/+1 or +1/+1/+1 to their beginning means scores. They get Common and one bonus language, and generally reside to be a few century previous, give or take.

As with most PC races, kender are humanoid. They are small however have a strolling velocity of 30 toes, in order that they’re nimble

The greatest change is to their fearless means. They are not proof against concern. Instead, they’ve benefit on saving throws to keep away from or finish the frightened situation. And, as soon as per day, they’ll select to succeed on a saving throw in opposition to concern/frightened that they failed.

Which feels about proper. It’s distinct, and it has shades of the “immune to fear” however this feels extra in line — and it’s nonetheless prone to come up as typically as not.

Kenders additionally get Kender Aptitude which grants a ability proficiency with perception, investigation, sleight of hand, stealth, or survival. This is in lieu of “Kender Curiosity” and earlier than that “Kender Ace”. No extra randomly having the right merchandise proper while you want it.

Taunt features the identical as ever, letting a kender supernaturally get beneath an enemy’s pores and skin with simply the fitting string of frightening, flustering phrases. An affected goal has drawback when attacking any goal different than you.

And that’s Kenders in Dragonlance!




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