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The extra we see of Honor Among Thieves the extra it seems to be prefer it’s really set in D&D. Dragons straight out of the Monster Manual!

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves inherits a paradox from the earlier D&D films. If you’ve seen the cinematic catastrophe that was Dungeons & Dragons (2000) or any of the direct-to-video sequels, you understand the deal. A trilogy of flicks so dangerous they hang-out the franchise to today.

The film that kicked all of it didn’t handle to rise to the extent of, effectively, I’d say Xena: Warrior Princess. Actually, that present was good, so let’s say Hercules: the Legendary Journeys. It didn’t assist that the sequel appeared like an FMV cutscene from a knockoff Westwood Studios battle.

So, you understand, this complete state of affairs from the Book of Vile Darkness.

D&D films are so dangerous their popularity stains all the pieces round them. Which is a double-edged sword. Because on the one hand, these films are so dangerous that you simply may suppose it unattainable to make an excellent D&D film.

But however, the bar is so astoundingly low that you simply’d should strive actual arduous to journey over it.

Honor Among ThievesMonster Manual on Screen

And to date, Honor Among Thieves appears to handle to take that step. They do it a few methods. For one, as all of us noticed within the trailer, the film’s really set within the Forgotten Realms. A daring step for a D&D film. For years, the D&D films have been afraid to lean too closely into the lore of D&D. Audiences couldn’t be anticipated to know what an Owlbear is.


Now it’s one of many highlights of the trailer. Sure, people could be arguing about how a Druid isn’t technically in a position to wildshape into an Owlbear (based on the foundations as written). But no one desires to be associates with individuals mad at a film over that.


The similar goes for the displacer beast we noticed or the gelatinous dice which is able to quickly be in all places.

But a second captured by the official D&D Twitter account highlights one other monster, precisely portrayed on display for the primary time on this film.

Black dragons. This isn’t the primary on-screen look of a black dragon, thoughts you. In 2005’s D&D: Wrath of the Dragon God we acquired a take a look at one other dragon with these signature forward-swept horns.

Only this one spews flame. Everywhere. Honor Among Thieves as a substitute includes a black dragon with a flume of acid.

And little particulars like that go a good distance towards displaying the care and craft put into the movie. This is sweet as a result of the film continues to be going to be a Dungeons & Dragons film – if you understand what I imply. And in case you don’t, simply take a look at this picture of Rege-Jean Page’s Paladin launching the quillons and blade of his sword at some unseen enemy.

Yeah. 2023 is gonna be actually fascinating.

Maybe it’s the reply to the query: what in case you made Xena right now?




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