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D&D: Lord Soth is an Absolute Nightmare in ‘Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen’

D&D: Lord Soth is an Absolute Nightmare in ‘Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen’


One of the massive unhealthy villains of Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen is none aside from the Death Knight: Lord Soth himself!

When it involves villains, Dragonlance has them piled excessive. From figures just like the Highlord of the Blue Dragon Army, aka Kitiara Uth Matar, to the queen of evil, the five-headed dragon herself, Takhisis. And amongst them, Lord Loren Soth cuts a tragic determine. He’s the one villain from Dragonlance evil sufficient to be taken to Ravenloft (not less than for a time).

At one level he might need prevented the Cataclysm. But as an alternative, he selected to betray his quest. Undone by his pleasure, he allowed the Cataclysm to occur and perished throughout its fiery rain. But he rose from the ashes. An undead horror. And like most figures, cursed by the gods, this implies he has extra highly effective than even the gods’ strongest servants. Because after all that’s how that works.

Lord Soth

In Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen, Lord Soth is represented as an upgraded Death Knight. This is about proper, since, in spite of everything, he’s the enduring Death Knight, going as far as to supply their key artwork.

In fight phrases, he’s CR 19 versus the usual CR 17 Death Knight. There are just a few key variations, however most notably Lord Soth can forged fewer spells than the Monster Manual Death Knight. This is probably going a transfer meant to carry monsters extra according to the spellcasting tips outlined in Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse.

But even so, Lord Soth is not any slouch. Just have a look.

He has 228 hit factors on common. A robust suite of resistances, and, like different Death Knights, can marshal undead in opposition to options that might flip undead. Though Lord Soth’s marshal undead renders them resistant to being turned, quite than giving them benefit on saving throws in opposition to these results.

In place of a longsword, he wields the Forsaken Brand. This is a mace, blazing with Cataclysmic hearth. It offers 1d8 bludgeoning + 4d8 necrotic harm, and one other six factors on prime of that. Additionally, it prevents hit-point restoration.

He also can hurl a blast of Cataclysmic Fire, which is very similar to the Hellfire Orb, besides it if kills you, it turns you right into a skeleton beneath Lord Soth’s management, performing instantly after his flip. In truth, so devastating is this fireplace, that it raises any medium or smaller humanoid corpse in its space.

Meaning you by no means face him alone.

On prime of that, as soon as per day, he can simply deal 100 factors of necrotic harm to a goal. In addition to his meager choice of spells.

And that’s not even touching his legendary actions. Want to study extra? Check out our Discord!


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