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D&D Monster Spotlight: Five of the Weirdest Spelljammer Creatures

The monstrous additions to Dungeons and Dragons by Spelljammer are among the weirdest and most enjoyable that we’ve seen in a very long time.

Even if Spelljammer isn’t your favourite addition to Fifth Edition, you need to respect that treasure trove ready in Boo’s Astral Menagerie. It seems, fantasy deep area is filled with among the most buck wild creations attainable. And your characters can encounter them each time your DM desires any longer! These are among the weirdest and a few of my favourite entries in Spelljammer‘s new bestiary.


I hate/love this one. And so far as the wacky monsters that Spelljammer has given us, it is without doubt one of the closest to a pretty-normal-D&D-creature. The Neh-Thalggu collects and consumes humanoid brains. But as soon as it’s collected twelve brains it’s overcome by an urge to return to its residence within the Far Realm. To be trustworthy, the Neh-Thalggu jogs my memory of the Brain Bug from Starship Troopers a lot that I needed to lookup which got here first. And the novel got here out within the 50s…


Cosmic Horror

We discover rapidly that Spelljammer doesn’t trouble with getting flowery about monster names. Somebody checked out considered one of these guys, mentioned, “Let’s avoid that cosmic horror,” and any individual else jotted it down. But it lives as much as its identify. These malevolent creatures come from the Far Realm, attracted by the sunshine of stars, and eat the our bodies and minds of the inhabitants of any planet unfortunate sufficient to be in its path. No two look the identical they usually’re almost unattainable to explain in human phrases. So simply think about 100 toes of eyes and tentacles after which keep away from something that appears like that.



Let’s be trustworthy, you understand what this one is already. It’s all within the identify. The undead husks of pirates who most popular plundering to shifting onto the afterlife, Vampirates are actually simply vampire pirates. With assaults like Spider Climb and Energy Drain they’ve a number of the basic Vampire go-to’s. But they’ll additionally flip their area pirate ship invisible sometimes.


Murder Comet

Sometimes an evil spellcaster combines the essence of an earth elemental with a fireplace elemental and creates a screaming head of stone and flame to fly by area searching for ships to destroy. And then typically, that particular person can put their very own spirit into this comet. This monster is ridiculous on its face, and I find it irresistible.


Space Clowns

Hailing from part of Wildspace referred to as Clownspace, Space Clowns require an elixir referred to as Thrill Joy. And after all, they arrange carnival tents to lure of their victims and wield colorfully painted ray weapons. Were they only an excuse to mix Killer Clowns From Outer Space with D&D? Absolutely you understand it was.


What’s your favourite new monstrous addition in Spelljammer? Which would you wish to keep away from in any respect prices? What kind of monster would you create for a fantasy journey in area? Let us know within the feedback!

Happy Adventuring!




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