Home Board Game D&D Monster Spotlight: Meazels are Mean, Malevolent, & Murderous

D&D Monster Spotlight: Meazels are Mean, Malevolent, & Murderous

D&D Monster Spotlight: Meazels are Mean, Malevolent, & Murderous


Whether cursed (and cursing) with shadow or limitless illness, the Meazels are a few of D&D’s most depressing creatures to come across.

Mean, malevolent, and murderous, Meazels are the traditional form of “bad news” D&D monster that’s simply capital-B-Bad to run into. Some creatures have a redeeming high quality, or could be reasoned with or bribed. But a Meaezel is just about serious about killing you after which feeling dangerous for themselves. They don’t sound enjoyable, however I’m certain we’re all feeling a bit extra motivated to make fast work of our subsequent encounter with one in every of them.

First Edition

Meazels are roughly man-sized creatures who transfer quietly, swiftly, and have a knack for thieving even when they don’t assault you outright. But fortunately, you most likely gained’t encounter one except you enter their lair. Meazels don’t like leaving their lairs typically. And on the off probability that they do, they’ll convey a kill again to their lair to eat as an alternative of risking being discovered once more out within the wild. They are the pure enemies of Orcs and Kobolds, however most underworld creatures are more than pleased to assault a Meazel. They have a popularity for being particularly nasty all over the place they’re.

Second Edition

Waxy hair, jet balck eyes, and patches of indignant, pink pores and skin illness make the Meazels look about as nice to be round as they act. These creatures will prey upon any subterranean dweller or anyone silly sufficient to enterprise beneath floor. And after they do assault, it’s often utilizing the component of shock and their clawed fingers. They are followers of instruments although, and sill generally take down an enemy by choking them to loss of life with a wire. Which feels a bit of too darkish for many D&D campaigns.

Third Edition

Meazels are smaller than the common human, often standing between 4 and 5 toes tall. But this would possibly simply make them higher at sneaking silently by their underground properties and taking they prey without warning. Once caught, they’ll transmit their pores and skin illness onto their enemy with a profitable claw assault. Though the Meazel suffers no illeffects from their very own ailments, however the inflicted adventurers can see some severe harm. After 1d6 days of incubation, they’ll lose 1d2 factors of Dexterity and Constitution probably drained completely.

Fourth Edition

Meazels happened when victims of a plague wreaked human metropolis unknowingly struck a cope with Baalzebul, duke of Maladomini, the seventh hell. They didn’t die of their sickness, however have been as an alternative stricken completely with sores and an limitless starvation which might solely be nourished by the flesh of sentient humanoids. They not often ally with every other creatures, preferring as an alternative to easily eat them. But even when they did try to search out allies, most creatures are repulsed by Meazels. On uncommon events, a gaggle will ignore their starvation and try to rid themselves of their curse.


Fifth Edition

No extra simply capable of sneak round within the darks. Meazels can now use “Shadow Telleport,” grappling any creature in dim gentle or darkness inside 500 toes. Any creatures teleported to turns into cursed by shadow for one hour. They are additionally much less sickly now, as an alternative shadow-cursed creatures who’re eternally alone and resentful for it.

Have you encountered a Meazel in your D&D adventures? Did they curse or illness you? How did your celebration come out of that encounter? Let us know within the feedback!

Happy Adventuring!


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