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D&D: Space Dragons, Vampirates, Hungry, Hungry Asteroids, & More – ‘Spelljammer’s Monsters

Spelljammer’s monsters are an eclectic bunch. You’ll discover the comical and the cosmic, typically aspect by aspect. Here’s what lurks in deep area.

Spelljammer, as a marketing campaign setting, has loads of work to do. It has to introduce guidelines for Spelljamming in particular area ships. Has to put out how area works. As a marketing campaign setting, it has to have loads of player-facing choices. This consists of new race choices and new backgrounds.

But it needs to be a world that’s hostile to participant characters too. Because in D&D fight is among the core tenets of gameplay. Without monsters to combat, what’s the purpose? But it will possibly’t be all fight both. The marketing campaign setting has to create space really feel full and lived in and wondrous.

So Boo’s Astral Menagerie has its work minimize out for it.

Spelljammer‘s Monsters From the Silly to the (Deadly) Serious

But happily, Spelljammer‘s monsters are an incredibly diverse lot. You might have seen the Space Clowns so far (and if you haven’t simply scroll on). But there’s a lot greater than that ready for you in Boo’s Astral Menagerie. This is the Monster Manual for Spelljammer full of 73 totally different statblocks.

And every one reveals off the number of the setting. You’ll discover monsters just like the Space Clowns:

Sure, they’re terrifying on a intestine degree. But additionally they embody an entire class: monsters and NPCs made by affixing the phrase Space to at least one different factor.

Space Eels. Space Guppies. Space Swine, even albatrosses get the remedy within the type of Space Mollymawks.

There’s nobody connecting thread to them. Most Space variants both don’t require air or can maintain their breath lengthy. But within the case of Space Hamsters and Giant Space Hamsters, that isn’t true. But all of them serve to make Wildspace much less of a void.

It’s not all goofy monsters although. You’ll discover sleek area whales just like the Kindori:

Or fearsome foes that imply enterprise like Neogi:

Or Scavvers:

Dragons of the Sun and Moon

Even Spelljammer is aware of, although, that it’s a recreation about Dungeons & Dragons. And the latter is current right here in two huge varieties. There’s the Solar Dragons, pictured above.

Also known as radiant dragons or solar dragons, they’re dragons born within the coronary heart of a star. They’re cosmic creatures from day one. They nest within the radiant cores of stars, and so they swim via the Astral Sea with ease. And their stat blocks are space-ified.

Here’s only a style of the Ancient Solar Dragon. As you may see it will possibly make flyby assaults, it has legendary resistances and offers much more harm to things and buildings (and Spelljammers). As you would possibly count on from a “radiant dragon” its breathweapon offers radiant harm, and at CR 20, it offers it in fairly big chunks. It breathes a radiant fireball, principally, however one which offers 12d10 harm.

Its chew and tail aren’t any slouch both.

Meanwhile, Lunar Dragons, or moon or part dragons, are the extra remoted, xenophobic sort. They dwell within the depths of desolate moons and like to take treasure from creatures.

Their talents make them a lot harder foes than initially introduced. A Lunar Dragon can part out of actuality, turning into immune to most harm. And it breathes icy blasts that rob foes of the flexibility to maneuver.

Literal Cosmic Horrors

Then there are literal cosmic horrors. These are malevolent entities from past the celebrities (or at the very least from the Far Realm), who’re alien and lethal and who may deliver break to the fabric airplane. But for all that, they’re not as reality-warping because the Daelkyr of Eberron. But they make for a fantastic summonable risk that features extra like a kaiju than an eldritch horror.

The Best Monster in Spelljammer

However, there’s one inarguable finest monster in all of Spelljammer. The Dohwar. These are pudgy, flightless avians that look and transfer like penguins. Dohwars are area retailers who favor sporting hooded cloaks. And they present up in probably the most surprising locations.

Also, they’ve psychic powers.

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