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D&D Tactics: Hikes | EN World | Dungeons & Dragons

D&D Tactics: Hikes | EN World | Dungeons & Dragons


I’m going on plenty of Boy Scout hikes. If I had been in an adventuring get together in a fantasy world, I’d by no means make it.
Our hikes common wherever from a half hour to a number of hours, relying on the terrain and season. We have one Scoutmaster who might simply qualify as a ranger, however for the remainder of us, actual life challenges make it clear that out-of-shape wizards are going to be in hassle in the event that they need to stroll to their subsequent vacation spot.

Weather Matters​

For apparent causes, strolling within the snow may be robust. We keep away from mountain climbing in winter, however we’ve got hiked in Spring and Fall by means of rocky terrain. The hardest terrain we have encountered if after a latest rain with leaves on the bottom. The mixture makes it tough to see a transparent path (if there even is one). We’ve gotten misplaced in locations we have hiked beforehand simply because leaves coated every little thing. Wet leaves additionally make the bottom slippery. More than one Scout has plunged their foot into an unseen puddle or slipped on a rock.

Adventurers on this type of terrain will doubtless have challenges monitoring, discovering a path, and even simply transferring by means of it. This is without doubt one of the causes I began utilizing a strolling stick, if solely to check how you can proceed. Characters aware of the outside (barbarians, druids, ranger) could have a neater time of it than those that are unaccustomed to being exterior the confines of their hometown.

Hikes Are Exhausting​

When the climate’s good, I attempt to stroll day by day in my neighborhood and when it isn’t I run on my treadmill. In each circumstances, the terrain is flat sufficient that I can flip off my mind. Not so when mountain climbing, which requires fixed vigilance as you identify the next move, keep away from blundering into branches, and attempt to spot the trail ahead.

In unfamiliar terrain, a hike isn’t merely one thing you do when you do one thing else. Characters who need to carry out most expertise in tough terrain will discover it almost not possible. Except perhaps for singing, so the bards have one thing to do (the Scouts will not let me although for good purpose).

Natural Hazards​

The outdoor may be stunning however it is not ordered to make life simpler for anybody to move by means of it. Woods are stuffed with lifeless branches and fallen bushes that should be circumnavigated. The aforementioned leaves make every little thing slippery and conceal holes that may journey you up. And there may be wildlife that may react poorly to intrusions — my son was stung by a hornet simply strolling up rocky steps close to a fort.

Characters who’re uncoordinated or unaccustomed to touring outdoor could nicely take harm simply by attempting to make their manner, or find yourself exhausted within the course of.

Leave No Trace​

In Scouts, we encourage the philosophy of “go away not hint,” which suggests you allow the terrain the way it was once you arrived. That means no choosing up sticks or feathers or rocks to take with you. It additionally means primarily overlaying your tracks.

Cityfolk unaccustomed to the outside could also be shocked how seen their blundering is to beasts and trackers. When cowl your tracks, getting the wizard to cease leaving crumbs behind is as essential as leaving fewer footprints.

Avoiding the Long Hike​

The fashionable answer to those challenges is to simply take a automotive or stroll on a paved highway. In fantasy campaigns, there are not often equivalents, however magic gives some options.

Find the trail eliminates plenty of the guesswork of looking for the simplest route by means of tough terrain (a bit like recognizing path markers even when there are none). And freedom of motion is like strolling on a flat highway. But essentially the most magically economical answer might be the fly spell. Flying over a forest is a major benefit, and species with pure flight can get locations a lot sooner than their grounded companions.

Your Turn: How has your actual life mountain climbing expertise influenced traveled in your video games?



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