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Magic hammers are a rarity in D&D. But even among the many few, these magic hammers actually hit dwelling. Heft them in the event you can!

When it involves weapons in D&D, there are swords for days. The first time a designer reaches for a brand new particular magic weapon with a cool title and funky powers, it’s a sword. The second and third instances too. Then it’s axes. Then possibly a spear or three. And hammers? War or in any other case? They’re uncommon, pal.

But that doesn’t imply they aren’t cool. After all, a warhammer was cool sufficient to encourage an entire gaming empire. One that spans 40k years, in the event you take my that means. So these are among the finest magic hammers in D&D (and slightly jam to your studying.)


Duskcrusher is a magical warhammer of surprising make. It’s a leather-wrapped metallic rod that crackles right into a warhammer head of fiery radiance with a bonus motion. When you swing Duskcrusher, you might be swinging daylight itself (which suggests Vampires don’t prefer it in any respect). When energetic, Duskcrusher is a +2 magical warhammer that offers radiant harm and offers additional radiant harm to undead creatures.

But on high of that? This hammer helps you to solid the Sunbeam spell, which supplies you one minute’s price of magical daylight lasers as soon as per day. You can discover this magic hammer in Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount.

Hammer of Thunderbolts

This magical maul was created to destroy giants. It takes distinctive power, past mortal energy to wield it. Specifically, you need to be sporting a belt of big power and gauntlets of ogre energy to really be capable of wield this weapon. But if you are attuned to the weapon and holding it, your Strength rating will increase by 4 and might go as excessive as 30.

Additionally, any big it crits should save or die. But that’s simply icing on the cake.

The actual good thing about the weapon is the improved power. And its means to be thrown and explode into a large, gorgeous thunderclap. You can hurl it right into a crowd of foes, and each creature inside 30 toes of a goal you hit, should save or be surprised till the top of your subsequent flip. You can do that 5 instances per daybreak. This magic hammer is within the DMG!


Grovelthrash is among the Vestiges of Divergence included in Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount. This means it’s a three-staged artifact weapon, left behind after the gods broke out right into a cataclysmic conflict with each other (and the mages who sought to usurp them).

This magic hammer grows in energy with the wielder. Starting off with the power to take 1d6 psychic harm, to deal 2d6 additional bludgeoning harm on a success. As effectively as granting benefit on perception checks to see by way of deception.

As it turns into Awakened, it grows in energy, granting a burrowing velocity that may undergo sand, free earth, mud, or ice (however not stable rock). And a response that offers psychic harm to a profitable attacker.

And on the Exalted stage, it turns into its strongest but. Its wielder offers an additional 2d6 bludgeoning when under half their hit level most, and might solid earthquake, meld into stone, or stone form.

Akmon, Hammer of Purphoros

Finally, we now have a magical artifact hammer from Mythic Odysseys of Theros. Akmon, Hammer of Purphoros is the hammer of the god of the forge. His hammer works wonders and disasters in equal measure.

When a mortal comes throughout it, the world adjustments. An essential work may come into being, a robust creature could also be destroyed, or maybe the god will convey his affect the place he himself isn’t welcome. Either means, the magic hammer has powers befitting a god. Anyone struck with it takes 3d10 additional fireplace harm, on high of it being a +3 warhammer.

On high of that, anybody holding the hammer is resistant to fireside and proof against exhaustion. Naturally, they will take benefit on any smith’s instruments checks they make.

Finally, they will solid one of many following spells per day: animate objects, warmth metallic, fabricate, magic weapon, mending, or shatter.

And that’s it for magic “hammers” certain there are golf equipment and maces and the like, however hammers? Only three particular ones in all of fifth Edition.




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