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D&D: The Best Mid-Level Undead for Your Campaign’s Zombie Takeover

D&D: The Best Mid-Level Undead for Your Campaign’s Zombie Takeover


It’s spooky season and nothing’s spookier than the undead. So we’re having a look at the very best in D&D. Today it’s the very best mid-level undead.

Undead are maybe the very best monsters in D&D. They’re fairly simple to understand: issues that was alive and now will not be. And they’re both animated our bodies that trace at an evil wizard. Or they lean on the folkloric roots of real-world mythologies concerning the undead. That is, they’re warnings or punishments of depraved folks in life, now residing a cursed existence. Whether it’s greed or starvation or worse.

And in D&D, there’s numerous low-level undead. And the high-level ones can cap a marketing campaign. But if you’re within the mid-levels, that’s when it’s onerous to seek out good foes. But we’re right here to assist with the very best mid-level undead in D&D. What is mid-level? From about 6-10. Ironically sufficient, that is the place most video games cease. But check out these!

Drowned Master

The Drowned are one in all my favourite classes of the undead. They’re newer to fifth Edition, however they go means again in D&D historical past. Drowned are the waterlogged undead, sure to rise from their watery graves.

And a drowned grasp is the hyperlink that binds all of them. Tethered to a supply of highly effective magic that forestalls them from leaving, a drowned grasp instructions different Drowned, compelling them to function brokers in its darkish plots.

And weighing in at CR 9, this undead has some highly effective talents to assist it out. It wields a greatsword that offers 6d6 + 3 harm in addition to inflicts the illness Bluerot. It has a life-draining tentacle to reap the life power of individuals and might create new Drowned Ones. And on prime of it, it could blind foes with ink. And it offers chilly harm in an aura. An ideal mastermind risk in a single waterlogged package deal.

Tyrannosaurus Zombie

It’s a CR 8, zombified T. Rex. That alone ought to let you know all the things it is advisable to find out about it. But this zombie T. Rex goes a step additional. It has gorged itself on different zombies. As a bonus motion, it could vomit up regular zombies to help it in its battles in opposition to the PCs.

On prime of that, it has a imply chew and a strong tail assault. When it dies, it explodes into extra zombies (assuming it hasn’t run out). A present that retains on giving (zombies).


Alhoons are the proper mastermind undead for a mid-level celebration. Sometimes referred to as Illithiliches, alhoons are undead Mind Flayers. But that’s not what makes them cool.

They’re undead thoughts flayers who rejected the desire of the Elder Brain. They sought to pursue magical energy on their very own. Seeking out forbidden data in spellbooks and discovering freedom and individuality that they then fastidiously guard. Once they flee the colony and hive thoughts that will excise them and destroy them if they’re caught, they savor their freedom however face a terrifying prospect. Illithids who reject the Elder Brain will not be accepted by the Elder Brain even in dying.

Deviant minds are solid into oblivion. Which is why many thoughts flayers sought the facility of undeath.

In addition to this cool backstory, Alhoons are a beefy mid-level undead boss combat unto themselves. They can 3 times per day negate a spell of third degree or decrease. On prime of that, it could blast enemies with magic and psionics and can solid spells.

Deathlock Mastermind

There’s simply one thing about evil undead spellcasters that makes for unbelievable villains. And mid-level undead are surprisingly stuffed with them. Like the alhoons, deathlock masterminds are undead mages. These had been sure by their patron past dying.

Warlocks who fail to reside as much as the bargains with their evil patrons would possibly rise from dying as a deathlock. These undead beings are pushed to serve their otherworldly patrons even in dying.

They do get loads of cool powers although. Deathly claws that deal necrotic harm. Grave bolts that permit them restrain foes with shadowy tendrils, holding them at bay. And in fact a handful of spells are principally helpful for escaping from enemies who’ve turned the combat round.

Nightveil Specter

Finally, the Nightveil Specter out of Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica rounds out our listing. These specters are brokers of House Dimir. They’re hooded stalkers who journey shadowy creatures referred to as Gloamwings.

They combat with wickedly sharp scythes that deal psychic harm and have the flexibility to steal recollections away from creatures, completely if they will escape. This is their most dreaded capacity and might make for an attention-grabbing plot twist.

What are your picks for the very best mid-level undead?


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