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D&D: The Five Most Powerful Multiclass Melee Builds in 5E

Multiclassing makes D&D bizarre, damaged, and enjoyable. Here are 5 of essentially the most highly effective multiclass melee builds in fifth Edition.

The single most beloved but technically non-compulsory rule in D&D is the multiclassing rule. This one rule is chargeable for among the strongest builds within the sport. And that’s true whether or not you’re going for magic or melee. As a end result, there are many guides to discovering the most effective multiclass combos.

Figuring out which class parts match collectively is likely one of the true joys of tinkering with the fifth Edition guidelines. There are moments once you understand simply how these shifting components match collectively to open up doorways. Or, on this case, to do a lot of harm with melee assaults. Here are 5 of essentially the most highly effective multiclass melee builds in D&D.

Fighter / Barbarian / Ranger

Here’s one which doesn’t rely an excessive amount of on magic. Which is an outlier for D&D, the place a lot of the finest melee characters wish to discover a method to forged spells that they then hit individuals with. But it brings no finish of enjoyment.

Start as a Fighter, and develop into an Echo Knight. Take two ranges of Barbarian so you may rage and make reckless assaults. Then decide up a number of ranges of Ranger, sufficient to develop into a Gloomstalker. From then on, you may go nova along with your motion surge and Echo Knight assaults to deal huge quantities of harm at any degree. This construct actually comes on-line at Fighter 5 / Barbarian 2 / Ranger 3. But oh the enjoyable you’ll have alongside the best way.

Great Weapon Mastery is a should. As is savoring the look in your DM’s face once they understand what number of assaults you’re making in a spherical.

Fighter / Wizard

This one is a tried and true basic from the previous D&D days. All the power and resilience of a Fighter, with the magical would possibly of a Wizard. And in fifth Edition, the Fighter / Wizard combo can take many flavors. But probably the greatest is to take Fighter simply sufficient to develop into a Battlemaster (on your Maneuvers and heavy armor proficiency). Then the remainder of your ranges are in Wizard, and particularly in War Mage.

Swing round a greatsword, use a green-flame blade or booming blade for much more harm, and your Warmage talents play very nicely along with your defenses. You’ll be extraordinarily tanky for a Wizard, and with choices like Menacing Attack, Precision Attack, and Pushing Attack working with you, and counterspell serving to you Power Surge into your melee assaults you’ll be completely stellar.

Take the War Caster and Alert feats when you may to be sure to at all times go first, and that you would be able to forged spells as a chance assault.

Paladin / Warlock

This one is a basic 5E combo construct. Commonly often known as the Hexadin. This combo places you in Heavy Armor and focuses completely in your Charisma modifier. So you’ll be the sexiest knight in shining armor, with a ton of smiting talents.

The basic construct is to start out as a Paladin, take your 2nd degree as Warlock (Hexblade), after which stick with Paladin till your marketing campaign ends in glory or fireplace. If you can begin with Polearm Mastery, from enjoying a Custom Lineage or variant human, you’ll be able to go. Take a Spear and get in there and begin smiting away till you run out of spells.

Sorcerer / Paladin

The different massive Melee combo. Known because the Sorcadin, this construct doubles down on smites, because you’ll have a lot extra by way of spell slots.

Sorcadins usually begin as Paladins to get their full suite of proficiencies, most particularly Heavy Armor and the aura of safety. It’s Paladin 6/Sorcerer X. In some ways your spell choice as a Sorcerer is much more gravy on high of an already scrumptious core character construct.

Cleric / Sorcerer

Finally, we have now the uncommon melee Cleric / Sorcerer possibility. This construct is usually Cleric. The sorcerer is there principally so you may decide up the Green Flame Blade and/or Booming Blade cantrips.

You’ll need to play a Nature Cleric so you may decide up the Druid Cantrip Shillelagh. This provides you the core of your melee would possibly. And as you degree up, your Cleric and Sorcerer characteristic play nicely with one another, as you utilize Green Flame or Booming Blade to forged a spell and make an assault along with your Shillelagh. Top all that off with being a full Spellcaster and also you’ve acquired no matter you need at your disposal.

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