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D&D: What Is A Dragonlance Anyway

With Krynn looming ever nearer, there’s certain to be loads of each dragons and lances. But what’s a dragonlance, precisely?

If you’ve by no means heard of Krynn, the world of Dragonlance earlier than, you may marvel: what’s a dragonlance? Is it a lance {that a} dragon wields? A lance made out of some a part of a dragon, like a horn or a spike?

And why do they function so closely within the historical past of 1 world particularly? The reply to “what is a dragonlance” lies on the coronary heart of a world referred to as Krynn. Krynn was a world populated by dragons of all sizes and styles. And dragonlances have been cast to kill evil dragons.

What is a Dragonlance – Origins

Dragonlances first present up throughout an age in Krynn often known as the Age of Dreams. The Age of Dreams is the start of recorded historical past. It’s a time of mighty heroes, ferocious monsters, and legends misplaced to the mists of time. It’s additionally the supply of a collection of conflicts often known as the Dragon Wars.

Those all start with the appearance of Takhisis, a five-headed dragon goddess who was liable for the corruption of evil dragons. Her energy garnered her many followers, and when battle broke out, it was between the Chromatic followers of Takhisis and the Metallic followers of Paladine.

It’s notable in that it was an alliance of types. The metallic dragons got here to the help of elves, who have been encroaching upon chromatic dragon territories. The chromatic dragons, in the meantime referred to as upon their ogre allies. And between the 2, dragons found that they might be aided by mortals of alll sizes and styles.

Which brings us to the Third Dragon War, when the primary dragonlance reveals up.

The Third Dragon War – First Dragonlances

The Third Dragon War is necessary as a result of it modified the best way the world labored. Up thus far, no mortals might kill a dragon. Not with out magic or important divine energy.

But in the course of the Third Dragon War, the forces of Good have been shedding. In the hour of their most determined want, a smith often known as Duncan Ironweaver, taught by the god of dwarves and gnomes, Reorx, set about making a weapon that might kill evil dragons.

But it took greater than mortal energy to forge these weapons. The first dragonlance, an artifact often known as the Great Lance or Spear of Paladine, was cast with the help of two highly effective instruments: the Silver Arm of Ergoth, and the Hammer of Kharas.

Only these two artifacts in live performance might tame the fluid dragonmetal present in Silver Dragon Mountain. Dragonmetal was liquid steel of pure, cool silver that was lighter than metal however simply as sturdy.

And out of those extraordinary elements, Ironweaver cast the Great Lance.

From One,  Many

The Spear of Paladine was highly effective sufficient to strike at any dragon, even the gods. Duncan Ironweaver knew this, and so he made the primary knight to wield one, Huma Dragonbane, endure three totally different checks earlier than awarding him the weapon. From its template, Ironweaver cast different, lesser dragonlances. But with the Great Lance, Dragonbane was capable of wound even Takhisis.

And afterwards the Chromatic Dragons retreated. So too did the Dragonlance fade into fable, till such time because it was wanted once more.

The Dragonlance Today


Today, there are various Dragonlances. They are the one weapons by which mortals with out the help of another magic, can kill dragons. They not solely make their bearer resistant or resistant to the powers of evil dragons, in addition they are able to piercing a dragon’s thick cover.

Dragonlances are available in two types: the Mounted Dragonlance which is a roughly 18 ft lengthy, can solely be mounted on a dragon’s saddle; and the Footman’s Lance which is just eight ft in size. Footmen’s Lances have been cast to be wielded by people on the bottom. But this too is harmful.

Still, with out the help of dragonlances, the world of Dragonlance wouldn’t be what it’s at this time.

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