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Dig deeper card Zombie Kittens

Dig deeper card Zombie Kittens


Reading the principles of this recreation it feels the intention is that you must be capable of ignore exploding kitten drawn first however using the phrase ‘draw’ appears to recommend you do not.

From the guidelines right here with emphasis mine

If you draw an Exploding Kitten and also you don’t have a Zombie Kitten
(or have one and select to not play it), you might be Dead.

So you die in the event you draw an exploding kitten. The guidelines clarification for Dig Deeper says

Draw the highest card from the Draw Pile, take a look at it, and determine if you wish to hold it. If so, put it in your hand. Otherwise you MUST
draw the subsequent card within the Draw Pile it doesn’t matter what it’s

Whilst it seems like this card ought to be capable of skip the exploding kitten using ‘draw’ suggests not.

Compare this to guidelines for See The Future –

Privately view the highest 3 playing cards from the Draw Pile and put them again in the identical order. Don’t present the playing cards to the opposite gamers.

That card it specific that you’re not drawing, you might be privately card s.

If Dig Deeper stated ‘privately view’ the highest card and both draw that card or draw the subsequent then I might say you possibly can skip and exploding kitten. However the syntax of the principles doesn’t say that so the exploding kitten would take impact.

However, to contradict this interpretation there’s one other notice

This card is a good way to mess with the heads of different gamers. If
you determine to not hold the highest card, everybody will drive themselves
loopy making an attempt to determine why you didn’t need it!

Looking on the guidelines Exploding Kittens appears to be the one dangerous card, I’m undecided why you’ll skip taking any others. It looks as if a really badly worded rule if the intention is which you could ignore the drawn card however the syntax used infers if would nonetheless take impact.



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