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Not solely is the world of Digimon Survive teeming with mighty monsters to recruit, befriend, and combat, however there’s a wealth of useful gadgets hiding in nooks and crannies ready to be added to your assortment. From HP boosting mushrooms to kick-ass ATK buff carrots, there’s somewhat one thing for all your hungry Digimon Pals, however getting your arms on them is an entire different story. 

So, we’ve put collectively this Digimon Survive gadgets information, operating you thru the easiest way of selecting up gadgets to spice up your celebration, in addition to the precise impact of every particular person stat boosting veggie or fruit. No matter whether or not you’re simply selecting up Digimon Survive, otherwise you’re nicely into a brand new sport plus run, getting your head round these things is certain to spice up your battling prowess, particularly if you wish to enhance the problem for a problem. 

For extra useful hints to coping with the denizens of the digital world, see our Digimon Survive evolution, Digimon Survive recruit, and Digimon Survive karma guides, in addition to our basic ideas and tips Digimon Survive information. Or, in the event you’re questioning what we product of the journey as an entire, try our Digimon Survive evaluate.

Where do I discover Digimon Survive gadgets? 

The excellent news for Takuma, Minoru, and the remainder of the Digimon Survive gang is that coming throughout gadgets is fairly commonplace, and there are a number of methods of selecting up some further ins and outs to your backpack. We’ve listed them under, but when we come throughout any fancy new strategies of grabbing a banana or two, then we’ll make sure you replace this information. 

  • Opening chests in battles (it is advisable to assault a chest to open it) 
  • Talking to enemies in free or shadow battles and utilizing the identical path you’d so as to add one other Digimon Survive recruit to your roster, however request an merchandise as a substitute
  • Gifts from your mates, each human and Digimon 

Inventory screen from Digimon Survive with giant mushroom HP boosting item

All Digimon Survive gadgets for coaching 

Below you can see all of the Digimon Survive coaching gadgets we’ve discovered to date within the digital world, and we’ll be again to replace it repeatedly with any newly found fruits or veggies. 

Item Effect
Giant Mushroom Raises goal’s HP
Giant Odd Mushroom  Greatly raises goal’s HP
Sincerity Melon Raises goal’s max SP
Large Sincerity Melon Greatly raises goal’s max SP
Power Pineapple  Raises goal’s PHYS ATK
Superpower Pineapple  Greatly raises goal’s PHYS ATK
Crisp Apple Raises goal’s PHYS DEF
Crunchy Apple Greatly raises goal’s PHYS DEF
Clobber Carrot Raises goal’s SP ATK
Crunchy Clobber Carrot Greatly raises goal’s SP ATK
Earnest Banana Raises SPD of the goal
All-Out Banana  Greatly raises SPD of the goal 
Growth Stone Slightly boosts goal’s EXP 
Great Growth Stone Boosts goal’s EXP
Amulet Acorn Raises SP DEF of the goal 
Rare Amulet Acorn Greatly raises SP DEF of the goal 

How do I exploit a Digimon Survive coaching merchandise?

If you wish to use your coaching gadgets in your Digimon, observe the easy steps under. Just be mindful you may solely practice exterior of battle, so in the event you’re already caught in a battle and wish a lift to win, it could be higher to give up, practice in free battle, and begin once more. 

  • Pause Digimon Survive 
  • Select the standing possibility from the menu
  • Pick out the Digimon you wish to practice
  • Tab over to the coaching menu
  • Select the merchandise you wish to use
  • Confirm the usage of the merchandise
  • Take to battle with boosted stats! 

Digimon Survive training and battle item inventory showing the bandage item

All Digimon Survive gadgets for battle

While you may’t use coaching gadgets in battle, Digimon Survive does have a bunch of things to shortly heal up, seize some further XP, or simply aid you out of a jam normally. All the gadgets we’ve discovered to date are listed within the desk under. 

Item Effect
Bandage Slightly restores the goal’s HP 
Big Bandage Restores goal’s HP
Clean Dressing  Greatly restores goal HP
Salve pack Slightly restores the HP of these in vary
All-Purpose Ointment Restores HP of targets in vary
Ribs Slightly restores the goal’s SP
Choice Ribs Restores goal’s SP
Rib Platter Slightly restores the SP of these in vary
Rib Party Set Restores SP of targets in vary
Boost Seed Cures all goal’s stat abnormalities 
Boost Bushel Cures all stat abnormalities within the space
Energy Seed Cure all stat reductions on the goal
Fresh Snakehead Completely restores the goal

With that, you’re absolutely up-to-date on all of the Digimon gadgets it is advisable to make it by way of this darkish and danger-filled journey. If you get by way of Digimon Survive and also you’re nonetheless hungry for extra monsters, take a flick thru our picks of the perfect Digimon video games



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