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Dive Shipwrecks, Bluff Opponents, and Steal Gold in Barrakuda

Dive shipwrecks, in search of misplaced treasure and worthwhile gold, competing with opponents for prime places. However be cautious, for a barracuda haunts these waters!

Revealed by Helvetiq, Barrakuda is a 20-minute sport for 2-4 gamers, with simultaneous motion choice, bluffing, and cube.


You’re taking the six shipwreck playing cards, that are numbered one by means of six. You shuffle them after which lay them out on the desk face-up in any configuration you select, as long as every card is related to a different card alongside not less than one aspect. You place the barracuda meeple on the cardboard numbered six.

Every participant then chooses a colour and takes the meeple in that colour, together with the 5 motion playing cards and the barracuda card in that colour. You additionally take your colour’s coin bag card and vault card and place two gold tokens on the coin bag.

Every spherical, gamers concurrently choose a card from their arms to play and reveal them. Motion playing cards are numbered one by means of 5, and you progress your meeple to the shipwreck whose quantity matches the cardboard you performed. In case you performed the barracuda card, you lay your meeple down flat on the cardboard it was already on. You will be unable to carry out any of that card’s actions this spherical. In case you performed a motion card, you place it in entrance of you. You retain any motion playing cards you’ve performed within the order you performed them from left to proper. Barracuda playing cards are positioned off to the aspect. You probably have no extra motion playing cards left in your hand, you choose all of your motion playing cards again up.

Subsequent is the barracuda motion part. If nobody performed a barracuda card, or if multiple participant did, you then roll the space and the route cube. The gap die says what number of areas the barracuda strikes, and the route die says which shipwreck card he strikes in direction of. If just one participant performed a barracuda card, then he rolls the space die and might transfer the barracuda as much as that variety of areas in direction of any card he chooses. If the barracuda returns to his beginning card, everybody will get to take their barracuda playing cards again into their arms.

Lastly, there’s the decision part. If you’re alone on a shipwreck card, you get to carry out each the particular motion and the overall motion on that card. Actions have a tendency to incorporate taking again the far-left motion card in entrance of you into your hand, taking gold tokens onto your coin purse, or shifting gold out of your purse to your vault.

If you’re on a shipwreck card with the barracuda, you lose all of your gold items and as much as 4 of them are positioned on that card. A participant can gather them without cost on a future flip. You can not carry out the particular motion on the cardboard however you’ll be able to carry out the overall motion.

If a number of gamers are on a shipwreck card with out the barracuda, you examine who has initiative. The participant with probably the most motion playing cards nonetheless in hand has initiative. In a case of a tie, nobody has initiative. The participant who does have it will get to both carry out the particular motion or can select one other participant on the shipwreck and steal all of the gold tokens from his bag card. Everybody on that card then will get to carry out the overall motion.

After the decision part, you begin a brand new spherical. The primary participant to get eight or extra gold onto their vault card wins the sport.

Barrakuda Components


Barrakuda is all about studying your gamers, watching out for the barracuda, and balancing danger/reward. A card’s capability would possibly solely enable you to if you happen to’re the one one there — however possibly an opponent is aware of this and can transfer there, too, and steal the initiative from you. And the place is the barracuda? How possible is he to succeed in the house you need to be on?

That is fairly a small, quick sport, however every resolution is fascinating, the alternatives are participating, and the participant interplay is great. As a result of the guts of the sport is that participant interplay, nonetheless, we suggest taking part in with 3-4 gamers relatively than simply two.

The truth that you’ll be able to lay out the shipwreck playing cards in numerous patterns to extend or lower the chances of operating into the barracuda can be a pleasant contact. You may even go onto the designer’s web site, the place he has totally different card layouts and tells you whether or not they’re roughly harmful for encountering the barracuda. There are additionally further shipwreck playing cards included which you can swap out with the usual ones, which have their very own distinctive powers. It is a good approach so as to add selection to the gameplay.

There are one or two fairly minor errors within the English language rulebook. The one one which gave us pause is using the mistaken die picture when speaking in regards to the distance die at one level. The cube are additionally somewhat light-weight and never fairly as a lot enjoyable to roll as they may very well be, however they’re fairly a beautiful colour, and the paintings for the sport is enjoyable.

Barrakuda is effectively executed. It’s fairly moveable, and straightforward to show. Since there are restricted actions within the sport, the iconography is quick to study. It’s a enjoyable mixture of components and a formidable quantity of sport has been put right into a small bundle.

Professionals: Plenty of participant interplay, paintings, small sport with loads of gameplay

Cons: Minor errors within the rulebook, not as a lot participant interplay with two gamers

Disclosure: we acquired a complimentary evaluate copy of this sport.



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