In this query I obtained two totally different suggestions for iPhone particular apps to help with Dominion setups. My group makes use of a 3rd (non iPhone particular).

Which is the very best, and why?

Please, just one app per reply, thanks!


Dominion Shuffle for Android

I’d have to return and use iDominion some extra to check the 2, however that is the most suitable choice I’ve discovered for Android customers.

  • Turn numerous expansions on and off.
  • Require or prohibit a sure card.
  • You can set minimums and maximums for any variety of issues
    • Examples: Require at the very least one card every of prices 2 via 5; require three cost-5 playing cards; require not more than 4 playing cards from Intrigue; require [X] +Action/+Buy/trashing playing cards; and so on. If you possibly can dream it up, you possibly can in all probability do it.
  • It lets you arrange a fairly detailed record of guidelines, like requiring a minimal variety of X when any Y playing cards present up.
    • This allows you to do the plain response card(s) to go together with assault playing cards, however you possibly can even use it for odd preferences like: require Mine if prosperity playing cards are in play; require at the very least 4 Alchemy playing cards if any Alchemy playing cards are in play; require a Moat if a Witch is in play; require Embargo if that annoying card your buddy likes is in play; and so on.


Dominion Kingdom Deck for iPhone, free!

From the iTunes description:

provides an elective structured randomization mode. In this mode, it ensures that there’s at the very least 1 card every of two value, 3 value, 4 value and 5 value.

All present playing cards for Dominion, Intrigue, Seaside, Alchemy and Prosperity in addition to the promo playing cards Black Market, Envoy and Stash are included as beginning knowledge. All units could be turned on and off to match your enjoying scenario.

Don’t like a card within the record? Swipe the row and substitute it with a brand new one.

Have a customized set? Add it in with the built-in set editor.

Had a very fascinating mixture of playing cards? Save the record and recollect it later.


This is a good (the very best, far and away, IMO) offline randomizer with a TON of choices. You’ll find it irresistible. disclaimer: I wrote the app 🙂
Get it right here:

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We’ve been fairly proud of WebMinion.

It has loads of choices for how one can set the playing cards up and allows you to selectively re-randomize any of them, which we use lots in our video games if one thing comes up that we have seen an excessive amount of or no one likes, however we do not need to scrap the entire set.