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dominoes – Monday’s Fujisan Downside

4 Shinto Monks have traveled from their varied prefectures in pilgrimage
to the highest of Mount Fuji. You will need to discover pathways for them to maneuver up and down
the mountain till they’ll all obtain the height. Typically, this can require you
to information them into positions from which they’ll help one another.

Historical past

James Droscha is greatest referred to as the designer of the piecepack sport system, and
considered one of his early piecepack video games was a solitaire referred to as Fujisan. He and Mark
Goadrich then tailored it for dominoes and pawns in a paper on
utilizing entangled parts in solitaire video games.

I used to be excited to be taught in regards to the domino model, as a result of I had written software program
to search out tougher than common layouts of the piecepack model, and I used to be
amassing Domino video games. I tailored my software program to the domino model, and
included 20 issues in my Donimoes assortment, now accessible as a e book.

The Downside

This week, I will be posting three new issues right here on Puzzling.SE, getting extra
difficult every time. This is the format for as we speak’s drawback, see the principles

Fujisan set up


Arrange the dominoes to match the beginning place above.

For a random beginning place, take away all dominoes with the quantity six and all
doubles from a typical set of double-six dominoes. Shuffle the remaining 15
dominoes face down, then place twelve face-up dominoes aspect by aspect. Go away the
three remaining dominoes face down, and use them to carry up the 2 center
dominoes as the height of Mount Fuji.

Place a Priest (pawn) beside every quantity at each ends of the mountain.

Shifting a Priest

  1. A Priest could transfer onto an area if the quantity matches the variety of unoccupied
    areas the Priest should transfer in a straight line to get there (together with the
    vacation spot area itself, however not together with the Priest’s beginning area). For
    instance, a Priest could transfer onto an area with the quantity 4 if there are 3
    unoccupied areas between it and the Priest.
  2. Occupied areas (containing intervening Monks) will not be counted when
    figuring out if a Priest could transfer onto a specific area. For instance, a
    Priest could transfer onto an area with the quantity 2 if there are 3 occupied areas
    and one unoccupied area between it and the Priest.
  3. A Priest could transfer freely between the 2 areas on a domino. That is the one
    method during which a Priest could transfer onto a clean area.
  4. As soon as a Priest lands on the height of the mountain, he’ll refuse to depart it,
    however he can transfer backwards and forwards (in the identical domino) or backward and forward (between the
    two dominoes). Clarification: A Priest could cross over the height dominoes as half
    of a transfer.
  5. A Priest should enter the mountain from his personal beginning row; that’s, he
    can not transfer backwards and forwards whereas he stays on the bottom.


The Monks shall be content material once they all attain the highest of the mountain.

Submit your resolution as a solution with every transfer labeled for pawn A, B, C, or D,
the path, and the variety of steps. If another person has posted a solution,
see if yow will discover one with fewer strikes.



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