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Donut Dodo Review

Donut Dodo Review


Donut Dodo



  • Gorgeous retro fashion audiovisual aesthetic
  • Numerous intelligent references to basic arcade video games
  • Steep however rewarding studying curve


  • Stiff problem is perhaps off-putting for contemporary players
  • Only 5 levels to beat

When we realized a few retro-styled sport that includes a dodo as the first antagonist, we simply needed to test it out. What might be a extra applicable sport to cowl for Retro Dodo? That’s proper – it’s time to try our official Donut Dodo overview!

Donut Dodo is a throwback to early arcade platformers. You know the kind: video games comparable to Donkey Kong (and its sequels), Burger Time or the unique Mario Bros (a few of which function on our very personal listing of the finest arcade video games!). 

They’re the sorts of video games you may choose up and play instantly, with none want for a handbook, cutscenes or any form of story-based justification for what’s occurring.

Gameplay is quick and livid, the target is easy and apparent, excessive rating chasing supplies a lot of the sense of feat and, oh yeah, an important factor: completely all the things can kill you.

What Is Donut Dodo all about?

In Donut Dodo, you play as chef Billy Burns, whose goal is to gather the entire donuts on a degree, earlier than then grabbing the huge donut and shifting on to the following stage. 

At any level, one of many smaller donuts can be flashing. Collect that one subsequent and also you’ll get an honest bonus.

Once collected, one other one of many remaining donuts will flash. You don’t have to gather the flashing ones in fact, however it does imply a candy excessive rating should you do.

Donut Dodo Screenshot 1

General Rule: If It Moves – Avoid It!

There’s a rule you will need to heed when coming into any stage of Donut Dodo and one we needed to be taught shortly throughout this Donut Dodo overview: if it’s not a mode of transport and it strikes, it’ll kill you.

That goes for the bogs, cute flames and rats (amongst different enemies), but additionally the large, thieving Dodo who guards the large donut on every stage too.

Oh, and did I point out that the Donkey Kong-esque Dodo may also be launching fireballs into the extent?

Don’t suppose that you simply’re secure even from inanimate objects both, as a result of spikes are liberally dotted round most levels, awaiting the unceremonious fall or misjudged bounce of poor little Billy Burns.

Each stage brings a brand new format and a brand new wrinkle to proceedings – and also you’ll have to beat the Easy/Medium ranges earlier than you may unlock the tougher levels.

No Such Thing As Easy Mode In Donut Dodo

Now, the truth that the instantly playable sequence of ranges is named Easy/Medium is a bit deceptive, as a result of Donut Dodo – true to the spirit of these coin-guzzling early arcade titles – is rock exhausting. 

Donut Dodo Screenshot 2

Donut Dodo is Definitely Tough – But Always Plays Fair

The factor is – and that is as true now because it was within the early 80s, when arcades impressed the design of numerous video video games, even these made for consoles and computer systems – it’s all the time honest.

You know once you mess up in Donut Dodo that it’s nobody’s fault however your individual.

Got caught by a rat whose sample sees it utilizing the wraparound display screen to run behind you simply once you’re about to choose up that final small donut? Y

our fault – you weren’t listening to all the things that was occurring!

Fallen on some spikes on the backside of the display screen? Your fault – they had been there all alongside and you must have been extra cautious when leaping to get that donut!

How about operating right into a nook whereas being chased by a very indignant bathroom? There are methods to keep away from being trapped by these porcelain beasts, so sure, once more – that’s on you!

Get Good – Or Die Trying (A Lot!)

You’ll die quite a bit at first in Donut Dodo, however you’ll maintain coming again for extra as a result of it’s an extremely addictive and compelling sport – it’s as good a tribute to basic arcade gameplay as I’ve ever seen.

It’s been lovingly crafted from prime to backside, with nice use of daring, brilliant colors, fantastically bouncy animation and a implausible, frantic soundtrack by CosmicGem.

Donut Dodo Screenshot 3

It Might Not Appeal To Modern Gamers

Given its problem degree, it does require some persistence – and an terrible lot of dying – to progress; this excessive degree of problem signifies that it received’t be for everybody.

Gamers unfamiliar with early 80s single display screen platformers won’t even really perceive what all of the fuss is about, particularly as there are solely 5 levels to beat – and a bonus stage – albeit the issue is ramped up as they repeat on subsequent problem settings.

Packed With Nostalgic References

Yet Donut Dodo completely nails all the things it units out to do – and does so with a substantial quantity of favor and attraction.

It’s filled with little references to numerous basic video games – even Billy Burns himself has a contact of Peter Pepper, the hero of Burger Time, about him, and there’s a great deal of sound results, in addition to enemies and degree components, that instantly homage video games comparable to Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr. and extra moreover. 

The display screen border recollects the attractive, illustrative and informative design of arcade cupboards of yesteryear – and even the excessive rating leaderboards have three letter names that cheekily reference a number of aforementioned arcade platformers.

Retro Dodo’s Official Verdict

Donut Dodo actually is among the finest retro homages I’ve had the fortune to play in a really very long time; should you grew up on video games comparable to the unique Donkey Kong arcade titles (or their NES ports), Burger Time or Nintendo’s Popeye sport, you’ll have a blast with the nostalgia-fuelled, NES-hard problem of Donut Dodo.

Donut Dodo can be launched on the first of December 2022 on the Nintendo Switch. Many because of writer Flynn’s Arcades for offering us with a code for this Donut Dodo overview.



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