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Dungeon Bowl: Death Match Expansion Incoming

Dungeon Bowl: Death Match Expansion Incoming


Blood Bowl’s dungeoneering offshoot is getting a brand new enlargement with Death Match! Can your crew survive this delve beneath a school of magic?

Dungeon Bowl shook up the Blood Bowl world final 12 months by introducing a brand new approach to play the sport completely. Mix-and-match groups from varied faculties of magic mixed with a literal dungeon delve to attain factors made the sport really feel completely totally different. Now Dungeon Bowl is getting a model new enlargement to take this sport to the following stage!

by way of Warhammer Community

“It’s now time for the game’s first expansion. Dungeon Bowl: Death Match brings an eternal struggle between primeval forces to these labyrinthine depths. It’s Life vs Death! Ghyran vs Shyish! Green shirts vs purple shirts! Take a look at what you get in this healthy box.”

College of Life Team – Emerald Crusaders

Six Wood Elves with Six Halflings – it’s an odd mixture for certain however life uh…finds a method!

College of Death – Black Widows

This crew is made from 13 spooky horrors! There’s Ghouls, Skeletons, Zombies, a Wight, a Mummy, a Flesh Golem, and a Wraith! They could be slightly late of Halloween however the scares by no means cease from this crew.

New Rooms and Tiles

There is a certainly a Werewolf Lair — and sure, the Werewolf is included on this set.

The Corpse Chasm additionally has it’s particular guidelines — you don’t wish to slip up on this room.

If you make a journey into the Fungus Farm you may find yourself on a very totally different sort of journey.

There are different rooms together with:

  • Fountain of Youth
  • Necromancer’s Laboratory
  • Tuck Shop

We’re undecided what these rooms maintain however you’ll be able to sort of guess based mostly on the identify. Each has their very own guidelines and particular “fun” dungeon themes to deal with.

The new Dungeon Bowl enlargement is coming to pre-order this weekend! So prepare for a complete new dungeon delve together with your groups.


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