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  • I’m answering my very own query. If you continue to wish to clear up it, cease studying in the event you received sufficient hints.

Solving this previous puzzle:

First impression: This doesn’t look promising:

  • Little data
  • The ‘trace’ is in dangerous English.
  • 3 spoiler areas apparently haven’t been sufficient to unravel it.

But let’s strive anyway.

The title suggests the theme, apparently, now we have to create (or destroy?) connections in some way.

The trace is in regards to the final phrase; so, I’m going to disregard that for now.

But wait. That trace is bizarre, perhaps for a cause. What can we are saying in regards to the format?

  • all three phrases 4 letter phrases
  • including “trace” appears superfluous for the message, however it is usually a 4-letter phrase
  • 2 phrases finish with t, and two with d (however not in a logical order I can see)
  • “trace” and “discover” share the center two letters

Now I’ve to confess I used to be a bit caught. So, I continued with the physique.

The physique has numerous 2 letter phrases.

  • With a particular format: triangular
  • With a comment that talks about altering factor. I’ll ignore the phrases with a star for now. (They in all probability must be modified in a nonetheless unknown manner)
  • there are 21 phrases. 16 lowercase, 5 uppercase
  • If the comment has a much less apparent that means, it’s about “end result”, so it’d imply one thing on the finish, however I’ll ignore that for now.

Trying to make sense out the primary row didn’t deliver something.

Trying the primary column is perhaps extra promising anyway (all lowercase, uppercase may imply one thing particular). And I discovered one thing:

To be trustworthy, I’m not positive how I received it, perhaps the 4 letter phrases of the ‘trace’ have been on my thoughts, however:
All phrases may be made into 4 letter phrases by including “in” between the letters.

Now so much is sensible.

  • The center letters may be described as misplaced connecting letters
  • The 4-letter end result coincides with the phrases of the ‘trace’
  • And be aware: Hint and discover additionally the place on separate traces for no obvious cause – however in addition they have “in” as center letters and are ‘first column’ phrases because of the format

The second column phrase is final, let’s examine “as”. Indeed, we get good phrases once more:

bind base
tremendous lash
LINE masks
pink mass
vine mast

Perfect. Now we are able to proceed with “or” and the 4th appears to be “is”.

The lasts columns nonetheless have numerous choice, esp. because the starred phrases have one thing particular. RISG shouldn’t be a phrase (however shouldn’t be solely starred, but additionally outdoors the triangle), and LISA solely a reputation.
However, I observed one thing:

That all two letter middles are phrases on their very own. This is perhaps coincidence, however then de may very well be date and HE may very well be HIDE? This results in:

bind base twine fish  date(?) HIDE(?)
tremendous lash port mist  bato->?
LINE masks      LISA->?
pink mass pore->?
vine mast      
wind           RIGS->?

Now I’m caught once more. The (physique of) the puzzle appears nearly solved, “however the answer will floor” appears meaningless, so the query continues to be unanswerable.
I do see many nautical phrases although; floor could also be related to water floor/see. Let’s maintain that in thoughts.


  • The ‘trace’ -> we used the format; however “Find final phrase” undoubtedly appears a touch as a sentence
  • the *comment -> taken into consideration, however the awkward formulation could recommend a second that means
  • The title -> we used that
  • Considering the (assumed) double meanings, and that the title ideally is suitable to the complete puzzle: connection, loss or connection loss as a complete will in all probability apply to a subsequent section
  • The backside query -> unused although floor could confer with a water floor
  • Apart from the this we now have 21 principally decoded 4 letter phrases (16 lowercase, 5 uppercase) RISG(?) is essentially the most particular, because of its place, and never being a phrase

Ignoring references to the top, i.e. “desired end result” and “will floor” within the precise query:

  • Find final phrase
  • Connection (and/or) loss
  • 16 decrease and 5 higher case phrases
    What form of puzzle does this trace at?

There are plenty of puzzles with connection theme, and loss doesn’t appear helpful by itself (although it’d confer with loss at sea??)

But 16(+5) phrases; discover a final phrase is strictly what a

join wall is about! Some themes within the 16 decrease case phrases:

bind, vine, twine -> LINE?
masks, mist -> HIDE?
port, fish, mast, wind?

And some considering on the opposite phrases:

bato-> anagram of boat (matches nautical: class)
tremendous    a tremendous line?
date(?) dateline?
base   baseline?

If the anagram idea is right

PORE -> anagram of rope
LISA -> anagram of sail
RISG -> anagram of gris, rigs (rigs has reference to rope and sail) 

This results in an improved? grouping

bind vine twine lash? -> ROPE
port mast boat wind? fish? -> SAIL
date base tremendous fish? -> LINE
masks mist       ->HIDE

*lash -> whips are ropelike
*pink -> pink + sail + wikipedia: a crusing ship with a really slender stern (so fish goes to fishline)
*mass -> hiding within the plenty? appears okay

So now we have to maneuver 1 phrase to the conceal class. Doubtful however not not possible: wind (conceal in/for a storm) and port (conceal in a harbor (for a storm/to not get enlisted), doable conceal in port the drink)

Sadly that is unclear (however I forgive the writer (yep, that’s me) ; utilizing solely 4 letter phrases may be very proscribing

This results in the ultimate grouping

bind vine twine lash -> ROPE
port mast boat pink -> SAIL
date base tremendous fish -> LINE
masks mist mass wind -> HIDE

Now conceal appears misplaced however:
RIGS has meanings aside from ‘rigging on a crusing vessel’ and now we have that textual content “Changing issues results in the specified end result” which hints to such a that means (rigging e.g. an election, an motion that you just wish to maintain hidden)

The ultimate query:
The answer will floor, however what are we utilizing for that?

So ‘the final phrase’ is rigs; and ‘answer will floor’.
Esp. since earlier me thought of that floor being water, we get to yet one more use of rigs: an oil platform at sea will deliver an answer (oil) to the floor.
And what can we do with the answer produced by an oil rig? Move round! To maintain to the theme, my ultimate reply will go one step additional: We use oil to maneuver round…

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