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enigmatic puzzle – Going up in flames

enigmatic puzzle – Going up in flames


A scream! I rushed up the alley in the direction of the yellow mild oozing by way of the mist, pulling my greatcoat round me. As I neared, a person stumbled into me, clutching at a bloody wound in his abdomen.

He clenched my collar in his hand and wheezed, “It’s going up… in… flames!”

As he fell to the bottom, he pressed a bit of paper into my hand.

Going up in flames

I grabbed him, decreasing him gently, and shouted for assist. But he was already useless. What message was he carrying?

Decode the hidden message

Clue 1:

Text is only for taste. Message is within the picture. There’s three elements that want rationalization.

Clue 2:

Draw a pencil mark across the groupings of the squiggles and have a look at it from totally different angles.

Clue 3:

These are the pencil marks I had in thoughts in clue 2
Going up in flames with pencil marks

It’s humorous how exhausting it’s to guage how exhausting a puzzle might be.

Clue 4:

As has been identified, there’s an SOS grouping in morse. But using morse is, itself, a touch…

Clue 5:

There’s a couple of morse message within the picture.

Clue 6:

The entire drawing is one lengthy line. If you had been strolling the trail it makes, you’d come to a sequence of factors. From that time, you’d return, both to your left or your proper…



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