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enigmatic puzzle – My IQ will probably be so excessive if somebody can remedy this for me


the strains and central dots are pigpen cipher, spelling out MASYUPUZ[Z/L/E]. So this can be a Masyu logic puzzle.

But we won’t get very far:

Trying to resolve this as a Masyu does not give an excessive amount of. So we’ll want to make use of the three choices.
masyu partially solved

Let’s take a look at possibility B first.

masyu, broken
First we deduce the purple phase above, then the yellow, then the 2 cyan segments — and now we won’t fulfill the white circle on the sting. Contradiction!

Of the remaining two choices,

C is simply A with an additional circle – so I’ll go forward assuming it is A for now. Either C will break, or the puzzle will not be distinctive with out including C’s further circle.

First, some fundamental deductions get us this far…
masyu partially solved
…then, the 2 circles in R7 cannot be horizontal…

masyu with more solved
…then, the phase with the pink sq. above cannot be drawn, as a result of it might create a loop in all the lower-right space of the grid…
masyu, even more solved
…then, the rightmost finish in R2 cannot go down, or the underside endpoint would don’t have any solution to escape. Also, the white circle in R5C3 cannot be vertical.
masyu, almost finished

And lastly,

the remaining white pearl cannot be horizontal or we might be pressured to finish the loop.
masyu finished
(And, as anticipated, the additional white circle from possibility C would make the puzzle inconceivable.)

So the right reply is possibility A, giving a Masyu puzzle with the answer above!



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