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establish this recreation – How to play Line Command in Command and Color: Ancients?

The Line Command card in C&C ancients states:

Order a gaggle of foot models. The group should be in adjoining linked hexes (which can span two or three sections). Each unit could transfer no a couple of hex after which have interaction in Ranged Fire or Close Combat if eligible.

Units could Momentum Advance after profitable Close Combat and could also be eligible for bonus Close Combat. If you do not need any foot models, order 1 unit of your alternative.

My query is what counts as adjoining linked hexes for the aim of the cardboard?

Does it enable to order models adjoining to the primary unit ordered? Eg like within the image beneath:

enter image description here

Or does it enable to order all foot models throughout the entire battlefield so long as they’re all linked by hex? Eg like this

enter image description here

PS: I couldn’t discover any matching tag and I don’t have sufficient rep to make new one so I tagged it as a home guidelines. I might be grateful to any excessive rep person who may create legitimate tags for this query.



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