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Every little thing You Would possibly Have Missed In The New Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Trailer (August)




How about that new Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailer, eh? We have already coated loads of the massive information, which you’ll learn in our separate articles:

(And, in fact, we had an “Every little thing You Missed” for the trailer we noticed in June, too, which you’ll learn proper right here. We already knew about co-op, Toby Fox’s music, and the past-vs-future theme!)

However this new trailer was filled with tiny particulars, too — and we do not need them to go us by, so we have assembled all of the wee issues we observed on this new trailer, and the up to date Pokémon web site, too. You possibly can watch the trailer beneath, and inform us in case you observed something new within the feedback — we’ll maintain updating this text!

The motorcycle legendaries are… actually dangerous motorbikes

Screenshot 2022 08 03 14.14.08

At the least, Koraidon is. Miraidon appears to have it found out, kind of. They’ve wheels. They’re actually formed like motorbikes. So, why is Koraidon utilizing its legs? Evolution has some inquiries to reply right here.

We have additionally acquired extra data on Koraidon and Miraidon’s numerous travelling types proper right here.

Scarlet & Violet’s Pokédifferences

Larvitar and Stonjourner seem completely in Pokémon Scarlet, whereas Bagon and Eiscue seem in Pokémon Violet.

Additionally, your outfit and your academy will change relying in your model!

Peep The Shorts

Three tales

The trailer spoke about there being three primary tales, solely certainly one of which is the conventional Pokémon factor of beating all of the fitness center leaders (though you possibly can apparently do it in any order). What are the opposite two tales? Is certainly one of them going to comply with some supernatural goings-on, or some maniacal gang chief, like different video games within the sequence? We are able to however speculate!

Treasure Hunt?

The trailer talked about a treasure hunt so much. Like, A LOT. However it by no means really stated what the treasure hunt was. What is the treasure? Why are they making college students search for it?

Some NPCs may need totally different outfits primarily based in your model

Check out Professor Clavell, who appears to run the academy you are attending:


The trademark Pokémon creepiness is again

From Fidough’s description:

“Fidough ferments issues in its neighborhood utilizing the yeast in its breath. Mentioned yeast is helpful for cooking, so this Pokémon has been protected by individuals since way back.”

They may have simply stated that it was a cute lil bread pet, however no! It has fermenty breath!!

Can wild Pokémon be poisoned earlier than battle?

The outline of the brand new Paldean type of Wooper says the next:

“Their our bodies are heavy and so they transfer slowly, however they’ll defend themselves by taking pictures highly effective toxic liquid from their gills.​ You might even see poisoned Pokémon in areas the place these Wooper stay.”

That sounds to us like we could possibly discover pre-poisoned Pokémon within the wild, until that is simply flavour textual content.

Grusha is a shy man

We love him.

The Terastal types are all simply… hats?

  • Grass sort = Flower hat
  • Water sort = Fountain hat
  • Hearth sort = Candelabra hat
  • Regular sort = Diamond ring hat
  • Flying sort = Balloons hat
Pokemon Key Art Terastal

There is perhaps extra varieties and hats, however these are those we have seen thus far! You possibly can learn extra in regards to the Terastal mechanic right here.

Flying Pikachu is perhaps a reference

You may get your individual Flying Pikachu with pre-orders

Poor Wooper

Wooper. However brown. Pooper. Sorry. It additionally works for Poison + Wooper. Certainly, they knew about this?

Wooper’s particulars

Though it has been carried out earlier than, Poop– sorry, WOOPER’s Poison sort is mirrored in his whiskers/antenna/sorrywedon’tknowtheofficialterm wanting like crossed bones, the image for poison.

Cetitan information

Cetitan is a land whale, and you recognize what’s cool about that? Whales used to have legs, and that makes Cetitan a type of ancestor to the Pokéwhale, making it but one other allusion to Paldea’s previous/future theme.

Additionally, enjoyable truth: The phrase “cetacean” means “of the whale household”!

Paldea’s map is big

Oh, and Paldea apparently comes from “pal” — good friend, clearly — and “aldea”, the Spanish for a village.

Cool new villages

From the Pokémon web site:

“You’ll find a lot of individuals and Pokémon residing collectively in a wide range of places, starting from a farming village with bountiful harvests to a port city with a bustling market.”

Rotom Cellphone is again

The Pokédex can be an app in your cellphone, alongside your map, which gives you data on close by Poké Facilities and Pokémon.

P04 01

The Pokémon Facilities are… petrol stations?!

P05 01
Screenshot 2022 08 03 14.14.18

They usually’re mixed with Poké Marts, too! It matches properly with the motorcycle theming of the legendaries, Miraidon and Koraidon.

Thriller automotive…

Screenshot 2022 08 03 14.17.29

No concept what that is or who’s belongs to, but it surely was featured fairly prominently within the trailer, so it is in all probability necessary.

Cooking and eating places

Eating places appear to undoubtedly be on the menu (though do not look too carefully on the ingredient checklist of that ham sandwich) and cooking might be returning, too. The outline of your classmate and good friend Arven says that he is “good at cooking and is researching wholesome recipes,” and we see Fuecoco setting hearth to an apple, which is… principally cooking, proper?

Screenshot 2022 08 03 14.16.57

Particular types for the legendaries?

In direction of the tip of the trailer, we see Miraidon and Koraidon sporting some fancy feathered headgear. We are able to solely assume that is an thrilling new kind for the pair. Is it a mechanical one? A tactical one? An aesthetic one? All three??? We’ll have to attend and see.

Naturalistic animal behaviour

Screenshot 2022 08 03 14.13.43

A good few of the Pokémon within the trailer had been… taking naps. Below timber, largely. Paldea seems fairly heat, so we do not blame them — and it looks as if this will give us Pokémon Legends-style probabilities to sneak up on a wild sleeping ‘mon for larger probabilities at catching them. Additionally they appear to hang around in teams generally, with different Pokémon of their evolutionary line. Aww!


Screenshot 2022 08 03 14.17.15

Climate within the Pokémon video games has been round for some time, however we’re undecided we have seen thunderstorms earlier than. It is giving us Breath of the Wild’s Thundra Plateau vibes! Will we be capable to get particular evolutions or distinctive wild Pokémon if we exit in a storm? Who is aware of!

Photograph mode?

P26 01

This picture, from the trailer, seems so much like a selfie mode to us. We all know Nintendo has the tech! They put it in Animal Crossing: New Horizons comparatively just lately! We thought it’d simply be a cutscene, however… that is the co-op mode, in order that appears unlikely. Photograph mode, child!!

Outfit customisation

We knew this was doable, however weren’t positive how it will work together with the uniform that you just appear to be compelled to put on. Nonetheless, it looks as if the uniform is changeable. Right here:

“Starting from brief sleeves and shorts to heat blazers, the academy has 4 totally different sorts of uniforms in whole. Moreover, you possibly can acquire all kinds of equipment from boutiques. Put on your favourite objects and check out totally different types alongside the best way in your journey!”

“In Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, now you can make modifications to your character’s eye form, mouth form, and extra to look the best way you wish to look. You possibly can, in fact, change your coiffure, hair colour, and eyebrows at salons, too, so look your finest when in your Treasure Hunt!”

So, you are not going to look totally distinctive, however you will have a special face, hair, hat, and uniform combo. And truthfully? We expect that is kinda cute. Lastly, our Pokémon protagonists will seem to be precise 10-year-olds!

That is all we have observed on this trailer — and a few of it could possibly be (and undoubtedly is) pure hypothesis for now, however a number of of our predictions in July got here true, so we’re feeling just a little assured.

However inform us: Did you discover something new in these trailers? Do you suppose you picked up on some tiny, unnoticed element? Pop it within the feedback!



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