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Master Detective Archies Rain Code Key Art
Image: Spike Chunsoft

One of the largest surprises and standouts in the course of the thirteenth September Nintendo Direct was the reveal of Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE, a model new thriller recreation from Kazutaka Kodaka, the creator of the Danganronpa collection.

Set in a wet metropolis filled with shiny lights, and embracing a extra darkish fantasy fashion in comparison with the pink blood-splattered college halls of Kodaka’s earlier collection, RAIN CODE marks Kodaka’s first foray into full 3D and reunites him with Spike Chunsoft and most of the crew behind the beloved, over-the-top thriller video games.

After forming Too Kyo Games in 2017, Kodaka helped produce, publish, and help with different video games — reminiscent of FMV title Death Come True and World’s End Club — so RAIN CODE marks his return as the principle situation author.

We had an opportunity to talk with Kodaka-san and Spike Chunsoft about this upcoming thriller recreation, ask about his influences, and simply how his previous work has impressed him.

Nintendo Life: Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE is described as a “lucid-noir journey recreation”. Can you inform us a bit bit about what which means, and what makes it totally different from any of your earlier video games?

Alex Flagg, Localization Producer: The “lucid-noir” half, particularly, is a play on phrases of the thought of it being a noir-type detective story, in addition to having components of the principle character who has amnesia and thus will not be utterly lucid. And there’s additionally one other which means of the phrase having to do with the sunshine and the lights of the town. The neon, particularly, can also be a giant ingredient that is used within the world-building of the sport and the sport’s ambiance. So “lucid-noir” is a bit little bit of a mixture of these concepts that we thought sounded type of cool.

Kazutaka Kodaka, Scenario Writer: What’s totally different about RAIN CODE is that my earlier work had 2D graphics, however this time it is 3D. With this model, we’re hoping to achieve a wider viewers, so extra folks can play this recreation.

The recreation stars a sort-of buddy cop crew in Yuma and Shinigami who come as a pair, whereas with many of the Danganronpa video games you may have a much bigger forged. Did you face any challenges specializing in a pair of characters?

Kodaka: They are a pair, however there are additionally different detectives that may present up with particular talents. There are plenty of interactions with different characters, so it is not a really massive distinction from earlier video games.

I really feel actually fortunate that everybody finds [Danganronpa] attention-grabbing… it permits me to work on a much bigger challenge like RAIN CODE.

So are there any moments the place you might need to work with or pair up with one of many different detectives?

Kodaka: Yes, Yuma and the opposite detectives work collectively, and now have conflicts with the opposite detectives, which it is possible for you to to see within the recreation as effectively.

With the Master Labyrinths, they appear like a really flashy means of fixing mysteries inside RAIN CODE, however there are some similarities with the Rebuttal Showdown minigame from Danganronpa. How have you ever modified up the interactive thriller fixing on this recreation?

Kodaka: It’s actually onerous to clarify that with phrases. *laughs*

Something we have to expertise for ourselves, then!

Kodaka: With Danganronpa, it is at all times within the Class Trials the place the selections are made. In Mystery Labyrinths, these are locations the place you resolve mysteries, and as you get nearer to the reality, the surroundings and the setting can even change, and that is one thing we needed to indicate.

In the Mystery Labyrinth, the final guidelines do not apply, so there are plenty of issues that would occur, like while you resolve the thriller the entire thing may change so you possibly can see the totally different environments.

It’s as whether it is Alice in Wonderland, and there is a combination of the ‘me’ and Alice in Wonderland that you would be able to anticipate on this recreation.

I used to be going to ask about that really! I’ve learn interviews the place you mentioned you have been impressed by Tim Burton’s work. Is his model of Alice in Wonderland a kind of inspirations or are there another elements of Burton’s work which have influenced RAIN CODE?

Kodaka: There’s Gotham metropolis, in addition to the aesthetics that I’m impressed by.

A bit extra of a broader query for you: What do you suppose it’s that retains you coming again to the murder-mystery style, and the way do you provide you with concepts to alter up the components each time?

I assumed the picture of moist raincoats can be actually cool

Kodaka: Murder thriller is fairly common in Japan! I believe detective crime is attention-grabbing and it has an attention-grabbing tradition. I wish to present the world totally different elements utilizing the sort of recreation.

Going again to the Alice in Wonderland/Tim Burton inspirations, RAIN CODE (in comparison with Danganronpa and World’s End Club) feels extra darkish, city fantasy. Does that shift in style provide you with much more freedom, or do you discover it tougher?

Kodaka: It provides me extra freedom, however the fantasy components reminiscent of Shinigami with the ability to use particular talents that different characters have helped when writing the situation.

So do these particular talents come into play in the course of the investigations or are they solely accessible within the Mystery Labyrinths?

Kodaka: Shinigami, the one you noticed within the trailer, on the planet their talents usually are not actually recognized to different folks, so no person believes her skill. In the world of RAIN CODE, grasp detectives have a capability as you talked about, and it is a recognized factor.

Yuma, the principle character, does not have the flexibility, however teaming up with the Shinigami, he turns into a detective apprentice. When investigating, Yuma and the opposite grasp detectives with talents, by utilizing their talents, will attempt to work collectively to resolve the homicide or thriller. The detective’s talents concentrate on investigating incidents.

Focusing on Yuma, who’s a trainee detective, he is originally of his story or his profession in RAIN CODE. What do you suppose attracts you to those characters who’re, on the floor, appear very regular or like an underdog who finally ends up rising up?

Kodaka: I wish to create a protagonist that’s as plain as potential so gamers may also empathise with that character. Yuma has reminiscence loss, in order that’s one other means that gamers can sympathise (as a result of they’re discovering out occasions concerning the recreation and characters concurrently he’s).

That’s much like a few of the different characters (Makoto Naegi, from Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc for instance), so I believe folks will join with Yuma too.

Kodaka: I agree!

Touching on Danganronpa, RAIN CODE sees you reuniting with a few of the builders (artists, composers, writers) from the Danganronpa collection. What was it like working with them once more and did you modify your method to RAIN CODE?

It’s as whether it is Alice in Wonderland, and there is a combination of the ‘me’ and Alice in Wonderland that you would be able to anticipate on this recreation.

Kodaka: This challenge began whereas I used to be nonetheless at Spike Chunsoft about 5 years in the past. Spike Chunsoft helped develop RAIN CODE, and whereas I used to be engaged on Danganronpa I did not utilise 3D, whereas the Spike Chunsoft improvement crew had labored on tangentially associated titles they usually supervised on 3D. This time, I used to be in a position to work with this crew and that is how we have been in a position to incorporate the 3D half. It’s a good time.

It actually is! It’s nice to see you all again collectively once more. When working with the crew, have been there any challenges you discovered working with 3D? You had 3D backgrounds in Dangranronpa, 3D character fashions in World’s End Club, and FMV for Death Comes True, what totally different challenges did you expertise in full 3D?

Kodaka: This time, I did not set the town in a rustic that exists. We needed to create a brand new metropolis from scratch, in order that was an expertise for me! But I discovered it very attention-grabbing.

Why did you wish to write a recreation in a metropolis or a brand new place that does not exist?

Kodaka: To begin with, I needed to create the idea with characters as detectives. And after I considered detectives, I did not consider wherever that was shiny or shiny! I considered a metropolis like London that was cloudy and all that. I assumed this is able to go higher with detectives.

I discussed London, however I’ve solely been there as soon as *laughs* I do know Japan very effectively! But that is why I needed to create a metropolis that is new, however nonetheless has totally different components from totally different international locations.

Master Detective Archies Rain Code
Teaser artwork for the sport from 2018. — Image: Spike Chunsoft

Then I considered a metropolis the place folks put on raincoats — not code, coats *laughs* — and I assumed the picture of moist raincoats can be actually cool for a detective recreation. So we got here up with the visible concept first for the entire setting of the town. So there’s a bit Asia, a little bit of Japan’s affect within the metropolis. There are additionally purple bricks, and that most likely reminds you of London.

Definitely! And the rain as effectively. It rains rather a lot in England.

Kodaka: *laughs*

Between each Danganronpa and RAIN CODE, you labored on Death Comes True and World’s End Club, that are each very totally different from Danganronpa. Did both of these experiences assist with the event of RAIN CODE or did you are taking any concepts or inspiration from them?

But even when it is a sub-character, I believe “oh, what if that is the principle character? Can I write a narrative for them?”

Kodaka: I did not straight write the eventualities or give the instructions on these titles, so that is actually the primary recreation since Danganronpa the place I’m doing the situation writing and directing. So it has been some time since I’ve penned all these phrases.

Since Danganronpa, I’ve been publishing plenty of video video games. It’s been 5 years, so I had plenty of feelings to place into the challenge.

I can think about! Why do you suppose Danganronpa has resonated with so many individuals, not simply in Japan, however worldwide, and what do you hope folks will get from RAIN CODE?

Photo of Kazutaka Kodaka provided by Spike Chunsoft
Kazutaka Kodaka, situation author on Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE — Image: Spike Chunsoft

Kodaka: When I used to be engaged on Dangnaronpa, there have been no plans to launch the sport abroad, so I’m actually comfortable. I truly do not know why it was acquired effectively or why all people likes it! But I really feel actually fortunate that everybody finds it attention-grabbing and validating that it permits me to work on a much bigger challenge like RAIN CODE. I really feel fortunate about that.

I’m glad that everyone everywhere in the world will get to play this recreation, however I do not essentially goal abroad audiences. I actually worth the consumer expertise, as I’m the participant, so it is the factor I worth probably the most.

That’s a very nice means of placing it. There are some actually over-the-top characters and strange skills in Danganronpa. Do you may have a favorite type of character you take pleasure in writing about?

Kodaka: It modifications relying on the place I’m, or at what level I’m at when writing. But even when it is a sub-character, I believe “oh, what if that is the principle character? Can I write a narrative for them?” That’s one thing that I consider after I write the plot.

When I’m engaged on the character profile, I believe that each character will get a important story, and is a important character. I write each character like that.

I believe that is why folks actually join with them and benefit from the characters as a result of they only stick out that means. That’s a very implausible means of placing it. To finish, have you ever ever thought-about writing one thing that does not contain homicide or crime, or do you may have a perfect story you want to put in writing?

Kodaka: Oh yeah, everybody simply so occurs to die in my tales… *laughs*

This interview has been flippantly edited for readability.

We wish to prolong our because of Kodaka-san and Spike Chunsoft for taking the time to talk with us. Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE releases on Switch within the Spring of 2023.



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