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Tencent Games, the biggest gaming firm on the planet, has added a brand new identify to its roster: Shawn Layden. Once the President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Layden has joined Tencent Games as a “Strategic Advisor”. The change was delivered by way of an replace on Layden’s LinkedIn web page.

In the put up, Shawn Layden stated that in his new position, he hoped “to advise, assist, and support the team at Tencent as they deepen their activities and commitments within the industry to which I’ve devoted the majority of my career.” He referred to as the current time “an epoch defining moment in gaming”, and stated that whereas there are lots of potential roads forward, “only a few are profound, broadening, inclusive, edifying, inspiring, and/or sustainable.”

Shawn Layden labored at Sony as a part of the PlayStation division since 1996. He was initially employed as a Producer on International Software Development, understanding of Tokyo. In 1999, he grew to become Vice-President at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. In 2007, he grew to become President of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, persevering with till 2010. He took on the position of Chief Operating Officer of Sony Network Entertainment International and was considered one of its founding members. In 2014, he succeeded Jack Tretton as President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, turning into a public face of PlayStation till 2018. That yr, he moved on to change into CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios. In 2019, he stepped down as CEO and left Sony solely, citing “exhaustion” as a motivating issue. Since then, he’s taken on a job as a Strategic Adviser to Streamline Media Group, along with his equally titled position at Tencent Games.



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