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Fireball Contest — November 10, 2022 |

Grid: 45 minutes; Meta: 30 extra 


Peter Gordon’s Fireball contest, “What Next?” — Conrad’s writeup

This month, we’re requested, What card recreation is hinted at by this puzzle? There had been six theme entries, every containing a bit of a numbered set:

FB Contest – 11.10.2022

  • [Peter and Gordon were part of it]: BRITI(SHIN)VASION
  • [In demand]: SOUGH(TAFT)ER
  • [Demonstrated to be effective]: PRO(VENUS)EFUL
  • [Dodger Stadium setting]: CHAV(EZRA)VINE
  • [Hot sauce brand from Belize]: M(ARIES)HARPS
  • [Rocky enforcers?]: COLORAD(ORANGE)RS

Each piece has one thing that follows:

  • SHIN (twenty first letter of the Hebrew alphabet) -> Tav
  • TAFT (twenty seventh U.S. president) -> Wilson
  • VENUS (2nd planet) -> Earth
  • EZRA (fifteenth e book of the Bible) -> Nehemiah
  • ARIES (first signal of the zodiac) -> Taurus
  • ORANGE (second colour of the rainbow): Yellow

The following entries spell TWENTY. Our contest reply TWENTY ONE (aka Blackjack) is “next.” Another nice puzzle by Alex Eaton-Salners. Raise your hand if you happen to additionally obtained caught within the ESHARP rabbit gap. It took me too lengthy to identify ARIES and dig out of that one.

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