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Five Magic Items That Will Make You a Jedi however for D&D

Five Magic Items That Will Make You a Jedi however for D&D


What if you happen to’re enjoying D&D however you wish to be a Jedi? Good information, these 5 magic gadgets will allow you to stay that dream.

D&D and Jedi is a crossover that makes much more sense than the Jetsons and the Flintstones. After all, the Jedi of Star Wars are mainly house wizards.

And D&D already helps you to play a Wizard. And now with Spelljammer, you is usually a wizard in house. So with that in thoughts, listed here are 5 magic gadgets that may make your D&D character a Jedi.

Sun Blade

Let’s begin with essentially the most iconic one right here. Jedi and their lightsabers are symbolically entwined. Inextricably linked. And in D&D, you may already wield one. The Sun Blade is an merchandise that “appears to be a longsword hilt.” With a bonus motion, you may ignite the blade, which supplies you a +2 to assault and injury rolls and offers an additional 1d8 radiant injury. The blade emits a shiny gentle that’s really daylight. So it will probably additionally provide help to kill vampires. And Sith. Basically the identical factor.

Eyes of Charming

The subsequent neatest thing Jedi are recognized for? Their thoughts tips. Jedi have a manner of creating you see issues from a sure viewpoint. And in D&D Jedi thoughts tips are simply inside attain. The finest manner to do that is with the Eyes of Charming.

These crystal lenses help you spend 1 cost as an motion to forged the allure particular person spell. Which helps you to persuade somebody that they don’t have to see your identification.

Robe of the Archmagi

Alright, so this one is possibly a bit of overkill. But after lightsabers and thoughts tips, Jedi are all about robes. And in D&D Jedi robes may simply as simply be magical robes. Really any robes would do. There’s the Robe of Eyes, the Robe of Stars. But the Robe of the Archmagi advertises your alignment, makes you higher in fight, because it will increase your AC to fifteen + Dex Mod, and makes you a greater wizard.

If that doesn’t scream “D&D Jedi” what does?

Ring of Telekinesis

You’ve obtained the lightsaber. You’ve obtained the thoughts tips and even the robes. But can you utilize the Force to maneuver objects? Can you carry an X-Wing out of a swamp?

With the ring of telekinesis you may!

This ring offers you at-will entry to the telekinesis spell. Which is already nice. You can solely transfer objects with it, however you’ll find a way to take action freely. So get on the market and carry C-3PO‘s throne as much as the heavens!

Ring of Jumping

Okay, now we’re within the weeds. Time to bust out the deep cuts and b-sides of Jedi. They soar actual good, although. Video video games and films have proven us all how true that’s. And the ring of leaping makes you good at leaping. You soar thrice in addition to regular. Just like a Jedi, however in D&D.

And that’s simply Magic Items. There are loads of different methods, however you gotta begin someplace!


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